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West Michigan Astrologer Karen Klemp gives her prediction for Libra.

Astrological weather forecast for 2019

The astrological weather forecast in 2019 is full of surprises due to Jupiter being at home in Sagittarius throughout most of the year and being at odds with the planet Neptune, the god of water. Jupiter is strong being in Sagittarius and represents expansion with whatever planet it approaches. Occasionally, Uranus steps into the dance and we are in for a big surprise as Uranus also challenges Neptune. Uranus represents SURPRISE and sudden changes. When they come together it is most likely that we have strong winds and much water. These three planets interacted together February 1-13 giving Michigan several winter storms closing several schools. During this time flooding also happened along the Mississippi River. Here is a list of dates we have for the rest of 2019 when sudden storms are most likely to occur.

April 22-May 1
June 6-24
November 24-27

Hold onto your hats!

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I have been consulting and lecturing in astrology for over 20 years in West Michigan.
I started doing astrology professionally in 1992 at the old Spirit Dreams in the building that is now Bombay Cuisine. Since then I got a job teaching school in Grand Rapids Public Schools, first as a classroom teacher then as a traveling art teacher. During that time I lessened my clientele. Later, I got my masters degree in curriculum and administration from Cleveland State University.

Now that I am retired from teaching I enjoy getting dirty again in my own art projects and doing astrology consultations. Over the years I have collected over a hundred books and tapes that I bought at astrology workshops that I use for reference.


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Karen Klemp's 2019
Astrology Classes
Astrology Classes

Astrology classes are starting at Unity Church in Walker, MI. Join Karen every Monday between September 16th and October 21st, 6:30 P.M. until 8:00 P.M. Limited to 8 people. Other astrologers are welcome, too! People signed-up will get a copy of their chart on the first day of class so they can refer to it during the workshops. Cost is simply a love offering to the church (minimum of 5 offerings). Registration by phone is required (616) 916-0121.

Sun Sign Forecast 2019
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