Patty & I Celebrate Working Together

Last week, dear friend Patty Heredia and I celebrated working together. Patty and I first met each other in the early nineties when I was shopping at Spirit Dreams where she was the manager.
Karen Klemp & Patty Heredia

    Since then we have lived through our children's adolescence, divorces and other calamities. Now over 25 years later we are going to be working in the same office!! When we first started talking about sharing office space I drew up a relationship chart to see what to expect. I always enjoyed her company... but working together is another matter. In our chart, our sun sign is Virgo and it's in the 11th house of friendship and wishes, hopes and dreams... beautiful. Virgo is the sign associated with "work". This day was the same degree Virgo as our sun. So we decided to celebrate by getting our picture taken at Celebration Cinema in the photo booth... as you see in the picture.

    We remembered that the week before when I spent the night at her house a bat flew in the window. Patty looked up the meaning of the animal totem "BAT" on her iPhone. First of all, the story goes that if a bat enters your presence you are in for BIG CHANGES. It is an omen for change. The energy of "bat" is one of intuition and rebirth. (I guess they have to have intuition. They have no eyes!) so we went out and bought some rubber bats.

    We ended the evening with dinner at BUTCHERS UNION. While we were waiting in line for our name to be called we looked up and saw this great billboard:

    Liking who you are
    Liking what you do
    Liking how you do it
    - Maya Angelo

    We each had a dinner and shared the plum pudding.

    We are both very happy to be working together at The Therapy Center.

    We plan on getting our picture taken together every year during our Virgo birthday and re evaluate what the next year has to offer.


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