Forecast for 2023

Perhaps the biggest news is that Pluto, the planet of destruction and rebirth, goes into Aquarius after being in Capricorn since 2008. Pluto in Capricorn, the sign of institutions, brought forth new information about what really goes on in large institutions demanding reformation. Now, in 2023 and 2024, Pluto moves into Aquarius for awhile. In 2023, it is March 23 until June 11. The last time Pluto was in Aquarius was with the emergence of the "New World," we now reference as the United States. Aquarius energy is the symbol of the vision our forefathers brought forth: brotherhood, humanity, freedom for all... a belief in a kind of utopia that would benefit everyone. With this vision - this revolution, we also experienced bloodshed. It will be interesting to see what the "New World" vision looks like in 2023. It does not move forward to the next sign of Pisces for over twenty years. The other two outer planets, Neptune and Uranus, also change signs in the next two years. How this changes the world... no one really knows. All we know is that life as we know it today will be drastically altered in the next two years.

People born between January 11 and February 2 are feeling this internal death, and rebirth of Pluto, right now as Pluto is effecting their life in a very personal way. When Pluto is within 10 degrees of a person's sun sign they experience a great deal of restlessness as they are forced to reform in some way.

Most likely, part of this change of Pluto moving into Aquarius, we see a bit already. As Aquarius represents brotherhood and unity it also represents technology and electricity. Certainly we are foreseeing already a world of greater artificial intelligence as well as a global interest in alternative energy, especially electricity.

Surely Pluto emerging into Aquarius is a time when our life will be altered even more than it is today in the area of science and technology, in a way that hopefully brings more peace and abundance to mankind.

Last year 2022 Jupiter, the planet of opportunity was in and out of Aries. Last year it connected only with people born in late March and lasted between May10 through October 27 2022. This year 2023 the first half of the year looks promising to all Arians.Financially it looks favorable into 2024.

Jupiter gives you confidence to go out and get done what you need to do. You are more outgoing than usual and are willing to take risks. Cation comes in taking on too much, in terms of overspending, over drinking and having so much fun you are sick the next day. Watch the extremes and don't be foolish.

Chiron, the wounded warrior has been and will be in Aries from April 2018 - September 2026. This energy brings both highs and lows in your career and possibly health. Within 2 weeks of March 12 Chiron and Jupiter come together. This is a time for healing. You have given a lot to others in the past. It may be time to allow others to help you.

On July 12, the moons north node goes in Aries for 18 months. North node is a boost to your personal evolution. A person of significance may enter your life that will have a profound impact of your future. It is a good idea to LISTEN when this person or people come in your life to help you.

North node on your sun also means the eclipses will effect you. April 20 and October 14, their influence begins 6 months before the actual eclipse and 6 months after. During this time a situation will arise that drastically changes your life with your family or with your health. For those born between April 18-20 is largely effected by Pluto as well.Power plays may come in place or drastic changes. The area in which this happens depends on what houses are effected in your chart. The second solar eclipse October 14 effects those born between April 9-13. There can be major breaks in your life whether it be in relationships or with your job. In both cases, even though it may be a tough time to endure, it will give you stronger and tak you a long way on your path. Those born between April 7-15 this year may feel surreal as Pluto squares your sun while no other planets are making strong aspects. Both relationships and career can take a SUDDEN change. This is probably for the better as Jupiter, the planet of good fortune is in your sun sign.


Overall first half of the year favors financial opportunities and advancement. Part of this success is related to your ability to network. Accept social engagements, as this may bring forth opportunities.

Those born between April 1-9 are mostly effected by Chiron in Aries. You may feel left out of important decision makings or be accused of being inclusive and leaving others out. Make sure you communicate with everyone involved as this is a matter of miscommunication. Make sure you take everyone's needs into account.

Those born between April 9-20 pay close attention to people entering your workforce after July 12. There is a person or persons that will help you with your future plans. This person (s) will offer opportunities that could significantly change your life. Don't be afraid to learn a new skill as this could prove to be very beneficial.

Those born April 18- 20 may be experiencing power plays in work and personal life. It is important to be transparent in your work and insist that others you work with also maintain transparency. If you suspect secret plots, address them quickly and keep issues out in the open. This will take place the most around May 20 and again October 9 2023. This is when mars is in a hard aspect with Pluto. Aries is ruled by mars and thus will feel this strongly.

May 16-20
A good time to invest in a long term solid way. Talk to your friends about money.

June 2-11
Again opportunity to invest for long term. Investments are possible that can lead to wealth in 6 to 12 years. This is also a good time for liquidation of investments you made a long time ago. Transactions prove to be profitable whether cashing in on insurance policies or a block of shares. Additional income is almost guaranteed.

July 11-August 27 Good time to put yourself out there and initiate new projects. It's also a good time to seek new employment.

It is a time to work for common good for all. This will help your own success as well

CHALLENGING. Dec. 14- 31
Bad news is coming from superior. You cannot believe statements being made. Any discussions should not be done in private. It is better to have witnesses around . Do not let anyone rush you into signing anything.

The week before Christmas is most critical.


Because Chiron is in Aries this year, Arians will tend to be more thoughtful and more vulnerable. You may be discovering and integrating your shadow side and dealing with your psyche more deeply. This is especially true if you were born April 1-9. Those born in late March May have gone through this already last year.

Overall, this is a fun year. It is also a year when you are really listening to others and appreciating the relationships around you.


Feb 20-March 16
Venus is in Aries. This gives you a great deal of charisma. You are also appreciative of friends around you. Even difficult situations do not bother you.

March 16-24. May 1-7
Sweet conversations, either verbal or written are present. It is also a good time to connect with siblings.

June 5-24. July 19- August 23
Deep love connections either plutonic or romantic. Relationship can go to a deeper level. This also may be a time to love yourself more.

You may have had doubts or fears in August, however, you now accept and understand what happened. This may strengthen your relationship.

Challenging Sept.21- Oct.7
You may feel someone competing for your partners attention. You are thin skinned. Part of this is possibly because of your own misconduct that has led to this situation.

Venus activates your solar 7th house of partnership. You are attractive to others. You are aware of responsibility of getting involved, therefore, you do not take involvements lightly.


Neptune and Saturn are traveling through your solar 12 house possibly giving you powerful if not prophetic dreams. It is a good time to keep a dream journal. Although, you may not be comfortable with alone times being the fire person you are, however, this year it may be peticularly healing.


Jan.12-Feb 22
It is a time of reflecting on your past as you gaze into your future. This can be aided with scents betgamont and lavender.

Challenging March 17- 24
Watch out for hasty actions and words. Calm yourself with relaxing tea

March 28-April 14
Spring inspires you to create. Your health is good.

Challenging August 17- 29
Make sure you get enough sleep. There is a tendency for overwork. Mugwort, milk thistle and centaurs will help digestion

Oct. 20- Nov.5
A good time to cleanse and rejuvenate. Take time for relaxing baths and exercise to prepare yourself for December.

Challenging Dec. 23-31
Stay diligent with herbs and tinctures to protect your immune system.

Uranus entered Taurus in 2018 and will be there til 2026. This transit may cause struggles in decision making about the future. "Should I stay or should I go?" The Taurean is trying to balance independence and security in planning the future.

For the last two years Saturn has been in Aquarius squaring Taurus and perhaps increasing the tension.

On March 7 Saturn goes into Pisces for the next two plus years. This energy will help you to move forward.

It might be a good idea to make the decision before May 16.

On May 16 Jupiter moves into Taurus . Opportunities will open up. Jupiter is in Taurus through May 25 2024. This is a period of popularity. You will be able to make more money, meet more people, and have fun.

Perhaps the only downside is that as Jupiter represents opportunity and expansion, it also may cause the Taurean to gain weight while he is having so much fun. It is wise to instill an exercise routine to keep in balance while eating healthy and getting enough sleep.

Transiting moon's north node, another benefic energy, enters Taurus on July 12,2023 where it will stay for 19 months. This energy will help you align your vision with reality. It will be clearer what the next move should be. There is someone there to inspire you to move ahead. Taureans are not ones to move quickly. You should know that luck is on your side and it's time to walk the talk and get your ideas into action.

The other major aspect is Neptune. Neptune sextiles Taurus while being in Pisces. It has been there for ten years so this is a continuation of love and romance. It's energy gives charm.


If you are born between May 4-15 there is a strong urge to do something new.....perhaps a new direction in work. You may be going through a change where you look at yourself differently.....a year of self realization.

For those born between April 20- May 1 the prospect of recognition nd praise for your work is present as the moons north node passes over your suns degree in Taurus. This will happen through July 12.

If you are born between April 21-28 you may complete projects you have been working on this year after March.

Artist born between May.11-19 may find new inspiration for there work, especially musicians, photographers and painters.

Those born between May 18-21 May feel like they got over their head with a project that is too big. Take a deep breath and move ahead. You are capable of developing your dreams.


* challenge Jan.19-26
Beware of person that gives you a fake smile together you to do more work or do a job you don't want to do.

Feb 18-27
Favorable connection between mercury and mars makes it a good time to communicate your needs as it is likely to bring a favorable outcome

*challenge March 23-Apri l3
Do not isolate yourself.Keep in contact with relevant information.

April 12-21
A good time for negotiations. Don't back down on what you want. It is a good day for employees to ask fora raise.

August 28- Oct.11
What may initially look like a burden proves to be a time when opportunities happen as a result.

This is a creative time when you look at new ways to solve old problems. It is a good time to open up new sources of income.

*challenge Nov 25-Dec15
A time when debt collectors want to get paid whether it's a company or your neighbor next door. Try to put money aside before this date so you can settle your debt.


With Uranus still in your sign, you are willing and eager to meet people that you may not have associated with before. You are more spontaneous than usual. If you are in an existing relationship, you may question whether you want to proceed or you may want to move in together. The key words here spontaneity and change. This is especially true for those born May 4-15.

There are some of you who are so caught up with new people that you neglect old friends.some of these relationships will end, while others will be more flexible to your personality changes.You. are more carefree than usual....especially in March and April. This is mostly true for those born May4-16.

Because the moons nodes are in Scorpio/Taurus with Taurus being the north node, until July, you are a magnet with people around you. Relationships are deeper and more soulful. Jupiter, the sign of expansion and opportunity, also goes in Taurus May16 til the rest of the year. This brings prosperity in both finances and relationships. If you want to get married, a peticularly good weekend is June 3-4 2023. This is especially true if you are born April20-May1.

Favorable aspects with Neptune have a gentle loving effect peticularly to those born May 11-19. A w/o derail trip by the water may be peticularly nice as Neptune is associated with both water and travel. The arts as well are involved. A trip to the. art galleries, concerts or a play would also create wonderful memories.

Asteroid Lilith makes some stress in your life from January to early October. Females in the family may want more freedom. This could be daughters or female roommates. Lilith brings confrontation with women.

Often this confrontation makes us aware of our own need of a wild intuitive feminine energy that we have suppressed. In October Lilith moves into Virgo( mental sign) This may make it easier to understand what that confrontation was all about.

*Important to note*. Venus goes retrograde from July 3-September 4. This is an unfavorable time to jump into a relationship joint purchases. An old relationship may surface, however, this is not a good time to jump into any new situation. Take it slow. After September 4 you may have new information.


Auspicious time for wonderful times with friends and lover. Helpful people people are there to help you with any project.

March6-April 11
Venus is in. Taurus, making you very charismatic. March 18-24 especially give promise of deep meaningful encounters.

May 10-June4
Wonderful contacts in your neighborhood. It is also a good time to connect with siblings.


June 18*July10, August1-24 Sept29-Oct9
Venus retrograde. Partnerships of any kind, business or personal, becomes more complicated. New projects having to do with partners often go awry. If you must start something, take it slowly. Some say use the 90 day rule. Don't make a decision for 90 days. Old relationships may return.

Oct.14=Nov 8
After a perhaps turbulent summer, times are more is a good time to celebrate with friends and family.


Disagreement about finances with partner.

Dec12-17 and 23-28
Venus in opposite sign Scorpio and Jupiter in Taurus. The more you give out the more that comes back

Try not to be a stranger from your partner. There may even be a brak up over misunderstandings. Try to put it on hold.....better days ahead.


You may have gone through several changes in the last three years with Uranus being in your sign. In 2023 you will go through these challenges with more ease as Jupiter puts ease on these changes.

May 16 Jupiter moves into Taurus This should have an abundant energy to everything you do. The only downside may be that you may gain weight as you will have enjoyment with all your senses including taste.It is wise for Taureans to choose healthy food and try not to May also be the year you really get into gardening and/or cooking.



March 9-21.
Immune system tends to weaken. Stay vilifent with vitamins and get plenty of sleep

March 23-April 16
You feel your vitality returning. Body and soul come in alignment with nature


April 23- May 3
Make sure you do not overindulge. Get enough sleep . Keep your feet warm.

July 10- August 16
Health is much better as you can get outside and gather with friends. Take care of your stomach by not overindulging.

The year 2023 starts with mars in Gemini retrograde. It started going retrograde in Oct.30 2022 until January 12 of 2023. Mars remains in Gemini going direct until March 25. This means your mind is on fire with ideas. It is a new phase of your life. Changes in work, home and relationships in general. After January 12 your actions will be strongly activated, however, you may be going too fast. Slow down and think projects through carefully. You have a lot to be excited about. It's okay to be assertive as long as it doesn't turn into aggressive. Avoid arguments which you might create through impatience.

March 7 Saturn begins squaring or stressing out due to responsibilities. This adjustment started when mars first went into Gemini late 2022. Now your plans are maturing. The next seven years will be about building a foundation. You are looking at work, family, education and what you need for retirement. You have a vision of you want it to look like buta little uncertain of how. Do your best each day and doors will open up that will reward your hard work. It may seem like it's taking too long. Don't worry. It will come are just a bit impatient right now. You can't. push the door open. You have to slow down and figure out the combination.Part of this process is about realizing your responsibilities to others. You are trying to build a strong foundation. Part of this process is about moving away from the past while trying to build a solid future.

Neptune is in Pisces aggravating your sun for another2-3 years. This commands you to be more sensitive to others needs and to be honest and upfront with your intentions.


The first three months of 2023 are very active in business matters. It is a continuation of new developments that started in 2022. Each new idea seems to stimulate another. You are enjoying the adventure. This is especially true for those born between May 29-June 13.

It is a time to bring your projects into full fruition in the first three months of 2023. There is an awareness that other people in your field have that you are to be respected for the work you have done. Others have trust in you. You may play a father figure to someone or you have developed a relationship where someone is a father figure to you. This is most true for people born June 13- 21.

After March, more is expected of you at work. It is important that you do not over commit yourself. Watch your deadlines as it may be difficult to catch up. This can cause tension and blaming in the workplace. The solution is to be timely and gently remind others of the importance to complete their duties on time. Much emphasis is placed on responsibility and accountability . This is especially true for those born May 21-29.

Be aware off being overworked. Balance your responsibilities with rest. If fatigue persists have a doctor check your heart.

Many of you are very creative at this time perhaps thinking up new strategies for marketing. Your sense of design is strong. It is possible that there are trust issues at work and gossiping. It is important to settle this. You may take notice that others are not living up to expectation. Disillusion in expectations is present.

Try to see things as they are and not what you assumed they would be. Make sure expectations are clearly communicated. This is mostly the case for those born June 13-19.

This is a year to watch your money. Finances are strong through May. After May, there is criticism or you may fall behind on projects, you are by nature, a speculator, and that works for you the first two to five months. After that you may want to wind down on risk taking.

The very best time for business transactions are through March25 when mars is in Gemini. Your ideas are electric, yet you are well grounded .It is during this time that your efforts will harvest the most reward. Other times throughout the year that are good are May 20-July10 and August 27- Oct.12. It is wise to avoid confrontation July 10-Aug.26 and after Nov.24.


Jan.27-Feb 10
Good time to set professional goals

* challenging*. Feb 12-19
Mis directed words.Best to admit any wrongdoings.

*challenging* April 12-29
Money does not come easy. Watch the money you have earned as it can be taken away.

June 27-July 5
You can make financial risks at this time and come out ahead.

July 11-28
Good time to make a lot of contacts. Some contacts will take hold while others not.Focus on quantity.

*challenging* Aug.24-29 Sept16-22
Family matters slow down professional enthusiasm .Try to find help rather than doing it all on your own.

Best time to get out of old well as old subscriptions and memberships

*challenging* Nov.10-22
Beware of emotional outbursts.Try to stay factual and steady even when you are angry inside.


The first quarter of the year is about mars in Gemini. For those who are shy, you may feel more courageous.

You may start a relationship without really thinking it through.....especially in March. Fun can have consequences when a third party is involved. Mars can bring erotica inside a committed relationship as well, however, it can also bring arguments, depending on how well you are getting along in the first place. If you are angry, try to keep your sharp tongue under control as Gemini is usually about communication. If anger is the issue, get out and run or play a sport. Find a way to direct the energy. After March, the situation calms down.

The feisty Lilith energy is in Leo until October. Leo is a complimentary energy to Gemini. New and exciting women will come into your circle. In October it goes into Virgo. Virgo by contrast causes tension with Gemini energy and being in the solar 4th house, suggests the tension with women in the home. It could be tension with a daughter over household chores.

Those of you born June 13-19 especially have felt disappointment in romance as Neptune in Pisces causes tension with Gemini. Neptune in a tense situation can cause disillusion in relationships. People are not being upfront about their relationship with you. The best way to deal with this is to be radically honest. Lilith, being on your side can help you to be straight forward. Beware of trying to forget the tension with drugs or alcohol. This only brings short term relief. Alcohol and drugs are also associated with Neptune in Pisces.

The influence of Saturn in Pisces, starting March 7 will mostly effect those born May 21- 29. Saturn suggest added responsibility. Being in Pisces could mean a move or perhaps your job will require more on the road excursions than before. Saturn brings challenges, and with that comes a maturity. If you get through the challenge you will be stronger and wiser than before. For some of you, projects that were started 7,14, or even 21 years ago can be resubmitted as they are not yet resolved or completed. Situations that happened at these intervals will help you find the root of a current problem.


High energy time, love, sports parties and fun

*challenging* Jan.20-24
Disillusion in a relationship. It could be a time of ending.

Feb 20-March 5
You take courage to pursue a relationship, however, caution is advised. It is meant to be a deep friendship. You may also be in a situation of healing past difficulties.

*challenging* March 7-17
Responsibility in relationships. If you are involved in a new relationship, you may discover a third party later was the reason for confusion.

April 16-May 7
You are very popular during this time. It is a good time to be with family and friends.

June5-July 7
Your strong communication skills lure those around you. You tend to get what you want.

*challenging* July 8-12
Your actions may be misinterpreted as flirting when you are just trying to be nice.

*challenging* Aug.2-7
Disagreements are is important that responsibility is shared. May get upset over added expenses.

Again you have a way of wrapping people around your finger with your words and social skills. This is a time that you get what you want most likely.

Oct 19-30
It is a time you want to be home, perhaps beautifying it in some way.

*challenging* Nov.2-6
Stay centered. It is very likely there is deceit in matters of love.

Harmonious time with children is present. You may be called on to help a friend, even if it is just a listening ear.

*challenging* Nov.22- December 6
Atmosphere is tense. Discussions turn into arguments about who is right. Family members criticize.


The long transit of mars in Gemini ( August 2022- March 2023) keeps you very active and motivated. FullYou have been full of new ideas and strategies. You are great at thinking on your feet and having quick answers.

This long mars transit has kept you and your immune system busy.. Watch your lungs and airways, as well as sinuses. Shoulder and arms can cause problems, perhaps because of sitting at the computer too long.

Remember to give yourself a break from time to time. Stand up and stretch. Do relaxation exercises.As thoughts come and go, meditation can help you stay focused and centered. If fatigue persists, have a doctor check your heart.

When Saturn enters Pisces March 7 , it is especially important to take time to nurture yourself as new responsibilities come in.

In October Lilith moves.into challenging is important to find your center and be stable.

Atomic oils such as lemon and mint can help you stay centered. Water supports your mental stability , therefore, having a small water fountain or aquarium could be soothing.

Geminis are prone to skin irritations and allergies. Because you are an air sign, it is important to get plenty of oxygen, therefore, it is especially important to get good exercise outside if possible. Thyme and sage are important herbs for your diet. Green smoothies are beneficial.


Chiron, the planet of the wounded healer, may direct you to pay attention to your health. You may discover that you need to take short breaks throughout the day to refresh an renew. It is important to get good sleep. Lavender, violet, and Passion flower can help aid with sleep. It is important to have a healthy diet during these busy times.

*challenge*. March 9-21
More likely to feel exhaustion and have less energy as Saturn in Pisces squares Gemini. Pamper yourself with a hot bath in evening.

March 30-April 12
You get a sense of power to restructure your life. It is a good time to hike. If you are having trouble with joints, this is a good time to tackle postponed issues that you may have been ignoring

*challenging* April 2-May 3
There is a strong need to slow down as you are prone to exhaustion. Take care of your throat. You question what is happening around you.

June 12-July2
You have a clearer vision of issues from previous month. Intuition is accurate with Chiron on your side.

July 24-Aug. 11
Your thoughts can become reality now as you are able to put them into action. Every transformation begins with a desire.

Mars is moving through your solar house of health....Scorpio. If you cleanse, this is a good time todo that as hidden diseases may surface. Saunas can also be helpful as well as peppermint or sage tea. Taking a break in nature is healing.

It is a time of reflection. Past and future are in flux through many new experiences. As earlier, it is important to balance your work with relaxation.

You have gone through some stressful times the last five to ten years, however, it is all looking better for 2023. Both Jupiter an Saturn are making favorable aspects to your sun giving you many opportunities for success. This will start in March and pick up in May.

It isn't easy when so many of your friends, family and co workers leave or plan to leave. Your work has probably improved, although, the way it has evolved may have not what you wanted it to be. You are a survivor. The one thing you most need to do now is to emotionally let go of the past. It is important for you to become stronger and more productive.

It is wise now to spend time with people who support you and your goals.Relationships become deeper and more dependable. Many people are on your side.

Jupiter will be leaving Aries into Taurus. This move will lead you to have better judgement. Your involvement in groups are to your advantage this year. You may find yourself in a totally different friend group than last year.

It is a good time to write down a 2-3 year plan while Saturn is in Pisces.Starting in March you will see positive changes both professionally and in your personal life. This is a time when commitment pays off , especially if you learned from the past experiences.


This is a very favorable time with your work.

You have a new requires an investment of time and/or money. You will see it's return March-May 2023 an beyond..Last year much of what you wanted was difficult to achieve because of responsibilities at home.Now it's starting to come together. This is especially true for those born June21-30.

Presentations of your service/product show more success than you anticipated. It is a good idea to increase your social media presence through online meetings, zoom or other tech support. This is especially true for those born June 26-July 8.

Because Uranus is in your solar 11th house technology can play a big role in your success. This is strengthened as it sextiles your sun. Jupiter also goes into Taurus along with Uranus giving it even more power. This is especially true for those born July 6-16.

Some of you....especially those born July 3-12 and July 19-22 may be highly emotional and may have difficulty being in alignment with the people you work with. Confrontations may arise where your motives are challenged. It may be a struggle for authority in the project you are working on. Trust may be broken. It is wise to be clear with yourself and others on who you are and what your purpose is in the group.


*challenging+ Jan.1-18
Communication problems with co workers may be problematic.Revisit issue at the end of the month.

March 3-8
You may be forced to re-evaluate your expertise in your field, however, this leads you to taking your work more seriously. This will lead to opportunities that benefit you.

April 8-14
It is time to reveal your skills. You will attract supporters. Opportunities open.

*challenging* May8-20
Be aware of spontaneous spending that you later regret,

June 27-July10
Mercury travels through Cancer. It is a good time to get your finances is time to objectively evaluate your finances.

July10- Aug27. and Oct12-Nov.24
This is the best times for business and new initiatives. You can be assertive without being aggressive and appearing desperate.

*challenging* Aug.27-Oct12
It is wise to avoid confrontation during this time. You may win the battle but lose the war.Tread lightly.

Sept 28-Oct 8
Feel free to treat yourself. You have worked hard and deserve it,

*challenging* Nov.24-Dec 1
You may have to assert yourself against a colleague.You have no choice but to face it. Don't be intimidated by others. Remember, usually those who shout the loudest are the most harmless.


Relationships are very favorable this year. Relationships you already have now will be strengthened.

New relationships are also prominent and positive. Both old and new friends may help you with your goals until mid July . On May 16, the lucky planet Jupiter will stimulate your friendship house for the rest of the year. You may find yourself in a group of new friends that you find stimulating and helpful. This is especially true for those born between June 26-July 8.

As Saturn moves in Pisces in March, it strengthens and stabilizes your relationship with someone whose wisdom and foresight guides you. It may be an older person that helps you on your spiritual journey. Long distance travel may be involved. March, most of July and October are particularly strong for developing enduring relationships. This is especially true for those born June 21-30.

Those born July 6-16 it is a good year to meet someone special on the internet. You tend to be very practical in your decision.If you are in a relationship, the internet may offer you some contacts that are beneficial to your partnership.

Neptune remaining in favorable Pisces, promises romance and fantasy. Pisces can also be about spirituality and travel. It will mostly effect people bornJuly 13-20. A probable trip might be on a cruise ship, as Neptune is associated with water.

Chiron, the wounded healer has had a difficult time with Cancereans this past recent years. People you have loved have past on or broken off the relationship. You may have discovered that the relationship you were in was toxic and that you can't change him. Try to surround yourself with people that are positive and helpful in your life. As mentioned before, new experiences and new people will be a big part of this year. This is especially true for those born July 19-22.

The wild Lilith , has been in cancer and will complete this journey in January 2023.Lilith came to show you that you can be independent and strong. It may demonstrate that people will stand by you through the tough time you've faced. You may have ended a relationship and people are supporting your independence.

Cancer, the children of the moon, are most sensitive to te elements around them. When vibrations are not harmonious it may effect their stomach, lymph nodes or chest..It has been a very stressful last few years.

You have withdrawn into your shell to feel safe as calamities with the family have been all around. You may have found some splice in hot beverages or a long steamy bath to help ease the burden you have felt.

2023 is lifting that. It's a new day. This will effect your health, as you emerge into the sun evaluating your diet and exercise habits. As of March 25 you will especially feel a boost of energy.

Chiron remains in a square to your sun until 2026. You have been made aware of healing that was needed in your close relationships, however, now you will be having a different view of how and why it all happened as it did. You are developing a stronger center and sense of self.

As Saturn leaves Aquarius into Pisces on March 7, you are more aware of your needs around diet and exercise. You may be especially drawn to the water, perhaps swimming or surfing. As Saturn moves toward alignment with Neptune, the planet of visions,dreams and travel, you now have the ability to materialize what you have been dreaming. Traveling will also be a part of your plans. As Pisces also is associated with the arts, you may be drawn to artistic events, be it drama, painting or music. Use this time to visualize what you want as you have a good chance to make it happen now. HIGHLIGHTS

*challenging* Period of restlessness Try to have a routine to steady yourself. Focus on building your immune system. Sage and honey may also help soothe you as well as ginger and lemon tea.

Chiron aids you in healing unresolved issues in a relationship You may put extra attention on eating good healthy food, excercising and meditation.

March 25-April 12
You find people to help you get focused on meditation practices and overall health.

*challenging* April 20-May 3
You are very emotional at this time.Things that don't usually bother you get to you now. Take time to get centered. Go for walks in nature.

June 24-Aug 11
Summer sun rejuvenates you. You are active and have fun.

*challenging* Aug.17-29
You may retreat and not trust your inner voice. When under stress you often protect your heart by eating or drinking too much. Try to meditate and get centered to avoid mental chaos.

*challenging* Oct.21-Nov 4
Stay true to your is a good time to treat yourself to a retreat.stay focused and avoid confrontations.

You are getting a lot of new ideas about your future, however, when you look at it closer you realize it may not be what you want in the long run. Through May 16 Jupiter offers new opportunities to you as it favors your sun sign. It also gives you a glow of confidence. Beware of overspending.

With Uranus squaring Leo, there are plenty of surprises happening that change your outlook.This happens so much that you may feel it difficult to move forward as you are wondering when the next unexpected surprise will fall.

Short term planning is best right now and maintain the status is a good time to meet new people, learn new skills, do a little traveling and maybe even have a romantic adventure. These possibilities are highlighted June 5-Oct.9, when Venus is in Leo. Making long term commitments right now are questionable. There is a tendency to overestimate the benefits of your decision, whether it has to do with career or relationships.


As Jupiter and Uranus both transit your solar house of career.unexpected offers come in for your service or product.

After May 16 you will see new avenues for growth . If you are working for a company, it is a good time to ask for a raise.Be careful not to take on too much as the project may take more time or money than you expected.This is especially true for those born July 28-Aug.8.

You may change jobs. Perhaps it is an unexpected lay off or a different offer comes in. Whatever, the case may be, your future is in flux. Your challenge then is to roll with the punches and learn to adapt quickly.

This is especially true if you are born Aug 6-17. Be careful of being attracted to the glitter and leaving behind a dependable job. From June 5 through Oct 9 Venus will be in Leo. People will be attracted to you personally and professionally. It is a time you may receive additional income. Just double check if their proposals are legitimate.Do your homework in fact checking. Birthdays Aug4-22 will experience these positive outcomes the most.

Many of you will feel like people around you expect too much and you can't please everyone. Some of this will subside when Saturn leaves it's opposition and enters Pisces.Those born Aug. 15-23 will feel this pressure the most and it will be the first couple months of the year.

This is not a good year for financial speculation. Invest conservatively as you are likely to have unexpected expenses.

Best time for business transactions are before March 25, Aug,27-Oct 12 and after Nov 24. The time of the most conflict is Oct 12-Nov 24. During this time avoid confrontation.

The most energetic and electrifying time to do business is May 20-July10. Your ideas are bright and you are well grounded. You will have a lot of energy. Chanel it wisely.


Jan25-Feb 4
Best time to network and get involved in the community.Do some volunteering.

March 20- April 3
Good time for workshops and classes. Most likely someone else will pay for it.

*challenging*April 29-May 5
Communication is blurred especially with bosses. Best to not confront.

Aug. 12-20
Good time to stick up for yourself. You will come out on top.

*challenging* Aug 28-sept 1
Watch your anger. It may cost you.

Oct 9-Nov 7
You are lucky in love and business.

Nov 24- Dec
You have unlimited ideas and can initiate new projects.

Disturbances at work. It's a good time to go on vacation.


With Venus and Jupiter giving positive aspects to Leo up to October, pleasurable moments are sure to await. You are looking beautiful and you are having fun.People are drawn to you.Those bornAUG 4-22 will likely benefit the most.

There may be a tendency to have many intimate relationships as Lilith has her influence with you this year. She represents freedom and adventure. The opportunity will be there. Material possessions will also be made more available. It is a year you get what you want, it is also likely that with both Venus and Lilith dancing through your sign you will learn to love yourself more.....take the time to do art can be an act of self love,whether it be music, visual arts or the theatre. This is a good year to do inner child work.

Many of you have had some very rocky relationship issues in the last couple years. It could be because your partner was very busy with work or was in I'll heath.There was strain in the relationship. This should improve starting March. For some of you, the last couple years brought a break-up and you will feel relief starting March.

Especially people born Aug.6-17 you may get involved over your head. It may get a little complicated with TOO MANY people wanting your attention. In March or April you may find out that one of your "friends" may have leaked some information out that you did not want to be known.

July 23-Sept.4 Venus goes retrograde in Leo. Whatever you have done will catch up to you.Retrograde Venus often brings old relationships back on the scene which may complicate matters if you are already in a relationship. Retrograde Venus can also give you an opportunity to see more clearly the mistakes you made in the past and an awareness not to repeat them.

If you have children, your connection with them is strong in the spring, Any disagreement should ease after March, In the summer, beware that it's not all about you and your romance(s). The children may feel that they are not important.


Feb 20-March 16
Flirty energy. If you are traveling alone or with friends, Feb 27-March 6 expect yourself to look at your fiends in a more romantic way....perhaps a college that works along side you for a common cause.

*challenging* March 17-23
If you have a secret love interest,someone may leak it unintentionally. Be aware of information you share.

April 11-30
This is a nice easy time. Good times with friends and good opportunities to make money.

*challenging* May20-29
You may feel pressured in a relationship. Arguments over who is right can have long-term consequences. Even if you get your way, you don't feel good about it. Best to stay clear of these conversations.

June 5-Oct 9
This is a good stretch of time that you will be very charismatic. It is a fun time for relationships and making money.

*challenging* June 25-July 4
In the midst of having fun, you may alienate others who want your attention. Re- evaluate your intentions in your realationships.

*challenging* Sept.26-30
This a time when people May distance themselves from you or leave abruptly. You can turn things around by apologizing and clarifying your intentions.

*challenging* Nov. 8-14
Home front is tense right now. You tend to hold in anger...then suddenly blow up....perhaps pent up resentment from summer. Try to avoid escalating the situation. It will get better....soon

Nov 15-Dec. 4
There is an energy of harmony and dissolving any misunderstandings. Your siblings may be a part of this.

Dec 30- Jan.23, 2024
You are once again surrounded by people you love. New Years Eve is fun. 2024 is a good start to be with lots of friends.


Leos like their life hot and lively and loud. Your energy is strong.

Two big influences in your life this year are Venus and Lilith. Lilith is in Leo from Jan. 8- Oct. 3. She will further this fun fiery energy. You may be attracted to highly energetic sports like kick boxing or zoomba.

Those of you who are artist will shine in your work and you will find much inspiration. Advise; All this energy may need to cool down. Do not overdue it. Check your heart rate. These activities can be healing or aggravating if you allow yourself to be under pressure.

Saturn has been in your opposite sign for over two years, aggravating your relationship. In March 2023 it finally leaves and enters Pisces. That will bring some relief. This year partner issues find solutions. You feel liberated as the chains of responsibility are cut free. You feel like you have choices. Beware of tendency to get caught up in your own self interest and forget about the people you most care about.

Lilith, the goddess of freedom and perhaps even rebellion connects with Chiron, the healing energy in a trine.May 21-Aug.21

You are inspired to work hard for your dreams. You are on fire. Caution to not overdue yourself. Make sure you drink enough water and avoid heated arguments. Make sure your heart is not overworked. Seek balance.


This time is invigorating. You feel strengthened.

*challenging* Jan21-Feb.4
Beware that you don't live life so fast that your back is bothering you. You might also want to go to the dentist.

March 18- April 12
It is a good time to set up good habits for your body. You might want to do a spring cleanse.

May 7-24
Listen to your intuition as you are tuned in. Soothing scent of lavender helps you to relax during this fiery time.

*challenging* June 18-July2
Do not give in to impulsive actions. Keep a calendar of appointments on your fridge to remind you of dates. This is a time of hasty actions that can throw you off your center.

*challenging*Aug. 18-Sept.1
This time can strain your nerves. Get plenty of rest. Drink water,Exercise and eat right. Get your heart checked.

*challenging* Oct.4-16
You may be pushed to your limits. You must consciously stop and slow down. If you are spiritually developed you may recognize this as a good time to do shadow work. Health issues are likely to step forward if you don't take time for yourself.

Dec 15-22
You have the opportunity to shine with a deeper sense of joy and happiness if you listen to your inner voice of healing.

Although there are many demands on your time, the rewards coming will also be very good.You gain great respect this year for your dedication. Financially,you deserve a well earned compensation for all your work.

You are well liked this year....especially after May 16. It is very likely you will be traveling at this time as well.

With both Saturn an Neptune opposing Virgo for the next two years, you need to pay attention to your health. Your energy is taxed with the hard work that you do. You tend to tire easily if you do not exercise self care. There may be trust issues broken in your relationships..if you have promised something, you must now deliver or else your reputation may take a hit.....and you have already worked so hard to maintain a high level of respect, Trust can take awhile to build,yet it can evaporate in a moment. Make sure the people you work and are around socially are honest, otherwise, a situation can turn from wonderful to may try to help someone only to find that you are caught in their web. Then you ask yourself"How did I get here?" It is a year to stay clear of people who are unbalanced. You need to be around people who are grounded. This is a year of discernment to stay balanced.

Yet there are many positive forces moving you forward. Virgos tend to be very careful. It is this Virgo quality that will help you this year. As it is important to be around trustworthy people this year, it is also very important to be trustworthy. In relationships, be upfront with your intentions. Do not make promises you cannot keep. Take care of your mind and body by being thoughtful and deliberate and the universe will return that energy back to you.


Finances are positive after May 16. Before that time there are misunderstandings and a situation where the truth was not fully disclosed. Be careful not to become a victim of a situation or to put someone else in that role. If you find yourself a victim of someone's gossip, correct it immediately and state the truth. This will save you a lot of heartache down the road.

There are opportunities that can change your life. All of the outer planets and the north node make favorable aspects to Virgo. Uranus in peticular trines Virgo 2017-2025 giving you sudden success and recognition for your work. Your career path may take a sudden turn. It is a favorable time to develop new skills that can enhance your career. If your business presents an opportunity to travel....go for it. It will bring new opportunities. This is most evident for those born Sept.6-17

May 16 Jupiter moves into Taurus. Your finances will suddenly expand greatly through May 2024.

People look to you for advice on financial growth. This is especially true if you were bornAUG.28-Sept.8

All of this progress comes with a price. Neptune has been opposite your sun for the last ten years with 2-3 more years to go. Neptune opposition can bring romance based on illusion. I am not suggesting to disregard romance but to be practical. Believe what you see not what they say. The other side could be that someone misinterprets your words or actions and acts accordingly. Be involved with stable people or it might effect your reputation. This is most evident for those born Sept.15-23

Saturn moving into Pisces on March 7 can be a blessing and a challenge.Although advancement in your work is probable, it comes with the realization that the responsibility is more than you thought. You will need help to get the job done. By nature you are well organized...not this time. You will need to give up some of your control over your scheduling . If your schedule is all work and no social life,you will get sick. Keep a healthy balance.

Some of the virgos are still coming into their power as Pluto still remains in a trine. This may be a time of self discovery of how important you are in your group. This will extend into 2024 for those bornSeptember 20-24.

The best times for business are March 25-May 20. and Oct.12-Nov.24. Meetings are more difficult before March 25 and after Nov.24. Avoid confrontation of any kind during this time if possible. You may win the argument, but have repercussions later.

One of the most exciting times to do business isJuly10-Aug.27 . You are on! Your ideas are sharp and you are grounded. This is the best times to have papers drawn up for new enterprises. If you are not overly confident, this could change the course of your career.You have the energy and the knowledge. Channel it wisely.


Career picks up speed again. Figure out what didn't work and think of how you can change it. Don't be put off by it. Feb20-23 will be peticularly strong for you as your skills meet with universal trends.

Feb 26-March 4
Possible partner to lend you money, however, check for hidden costs and think it through before signing papers

*challenging* March 13-18
Be aware of scam artists. If an offer looks like it's too good to be is.

It is a good time to realign your career goals and ask yourself if you are in the right place.It may be a peticular training would benefit you or a total change.

*challenging* July1-10
Insecurities tend to be exploited. If you find it difficult to assert yourself, expect others to take over. Be clear what YOUR OWN priorities are.

*challenging* Aug 23-Sept.2
Others may be scheming behind your back. Stay true to yourself and work with integrity. Your money and your reputation are at risk. It is best not to get involved at all during this time.

Sept 18-22
You should be able to slowly move ahead with your plans now. You can put matters in order and finish what you have started.

Your ability to move forward ends. You may want to achieve more than what is possible. It may be hard...but stand back and be humble.

*challenge* Nov.24-Dec1
Keep your private life and business separate. The more you are conscious of this , the better your workday goes.

Your ability to solve problems is at its peak. You are creative in your approach to work. You may now clarify matters that were muddled last month. ....or maybe longer.


There are three main cosmic forces that will strongly influence your relationship. Uranus, the planet of electricity and sudden changes, the moons north nodal axis and Jupiter. Uranus in the favorable sign of Taurus for a few years now. It gives the energy of change. You may be in a business meeting, when you decide to go out to lunch with a co worker and that leads to a romance. It may be that you hook up with someone you were sitting next to in a plane....sudden changes in relationships. The lunar north node will remain in Taurus until July 2023. The north node gives a benefic boost of a trusting relationship. Then in May also goes in Taurus for the next 12 months. Jupiter expands anything it comes near .Because Taurus is an earth sign as is Virgo, they work well together. All three of these cosmic forces makes you ventiure out of your comfort zone. You meet interesting people wherever you turn. Even teenagers or children are interesting to talk to.

All of this happens while you are under the seductive influence of Neptune.Neptune is your opposite sign and will be until 2026.Neptune is romantic , but can also be deceitful. Neptune is also connected to travel.

So romance is in the air....perhaps when you least expect it. The nature of romance is temporary, therefore, if you are looking for a long term relationship, it might be wise to wait until after 2026 to commit, or at least believe what you see not what they say. Virgos are good at discernment. So watch them as they interact with other people and take note of their level of integrity. The truth is, however, you may get swept away by the romance of it move slowly. In 2023 Neptunes romantic and idealistic energy mostly effects those born Sept 15-23.. It is possible you are in a relationship that formed earlier with neptunes influence. This relationship will either come to a conclusion in February or break up. Opportunities especially open up inMay, Oct. and November. During this time matters are more complicated, like finding out there is a third party. Think carefully if the whole thing is worth it.

Virgos who have been shying away from commitment reconsider starting March 7 as Saturn moves into the solar 7th house of partners. Saturn makes everything more serious. This is especially true for those born Aug 23-31. It is also during this time that couples re-examine their relationship and sometimes end them. It is a good time then to go to couples therapy and solve the problems plaguing the relationship.

On Oct. 1 the wild goddess Lilith enters Virgo until June 29,2024. This may very well be a time you want more freedom and want to do things your way. Relationships starting during this time may have the likelihood of being very passionate . You may suddenly desire this over the stable but boring relationship you are in. Liluths visit can be an internal painful experience.Lilith's power will be strongest for those born Aug. 23-31.


Health is associated with Virgo. Virgo is the energy of healing. Virgos are wanting to help, often time having just the right tea for the ailment, or sometimes a welcome meal as you walk in the door. The problem, however, is that Virgos often overwork themselves and fail to serve themselves as kindly as they do their family and friends. With Saturn going into the opposite sign Pisces on March 7 , perhaps, Virgo can integrate new routines to take care of the self.

Mars is in conflict with Virgo by being in squaring Gemini until March 25. This brings restlessness , hectic rushing around.. Beware of making quick decisions during this time. Try to maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine to keep your intestines healthy. Hot baths and lemon tea can help.

Asteroid, Lilith goes into your sign Oct.3. This will give you the opportunity to heal through nature by walking in the forrest. Your sense of adventure is awakened to go on nature hikes.


The year tends to begin with ailments....nerves and back problems. Lavender and lemon balm can strengthen nerves to be more resistant .

*challenging*March 9-22
Your body may be rebelling against too much work you are giving it. Herb centaury can help.

April 21-May 9
New ideas are percolating. Write them down. Keep up on exercises and drink a lot of water.

July 24-Aug.10
You are inspired by other countries in your approach to health.

*challenging*Aug 16-28
It is especially important to support your immune system during this time as it is prone to infection. Strengthen your immune system with fresh fruits and a balanced diet. Take peppermint,lemon balm and mallow. Stay in tune with yourself and trust that over what anyone says.

Sept. 12-Oct 2
Sun is in Virgo. You can move more freely. Get out move around. You should be feeling stronger.

*challenging* Nov 11-24
Intestines may be troubled again. You become more centered spiritually, but tiredness may creep up. Allow yourself little breaks throughout the day.

*challenging* Nov.26-Dec2
Again prone to infections. Drink clean water and get plenty of rest. Magnesium can be important.

Until March 7 Libras have a good chance to finish projects that they started last year because of trining Saturn.

Jupiter is in the opposite sign of Aries bringing in popularity and a possibility new partners or at least good friends until the middle of May.

The second half of the year is about adjustment to these projects you started.This pertains to health, relationships and work. There are some decisions that didn't work. Hopefully you see this as a learning experience and move on without dwelling on it too much.

Neptune and Uranus will straddle each side of your sun sign into a yod formation. Saturn will then join Neptune in this configuration on March 7. For the next two years you will question whether you made the right decision.... and maybe you're just not sure. All of this takes adjustment to make it feel right.

Those born Oct 19-23 are most effected by the eclipse April 2023. It brings in Pluto energy. It requires that you let go of something that is eating away at you. This is either literally eating away at you or figuratively speaking. You need to talk about the situation openly and resolve it.

The second eclipse on Oct. 14 mostly effects. those bornOct 11-17. Both incidences require a rebirth of self to examine what is really important in life. In both cases a change of residence or work is likely.


Saturn. and Neptune come together in your solar 6th house of work. This merge suggest you may have to work harder for what you thought was your dream. You may have to rearrange your schedule to complete your tasks. ..especially if you were born Sept. 23-30. Make sure you get your projects get completed in a timely fashion, otherwise there will be a lot of pressure on you. Most of you Librans are not dealing with this.Some of you have been very organized and even take pride in how much work you can get done especially if you were born Sept 15-24. Of this group, those.born Sept 15-21may help your employees or those you work best utilize your talents to get the work done. You may mentor. them. In some cases, a fellow employee has problems at home and you help them with their obligations at work.

As Jupiter transits your solar 7th house until May 16. During this time you may be offered new opportunities. You could find a new partner to work with. If you do take a new position, carefully figure out pros and cons . Whatever you decide, financial matters will be in the forefront after May 16.

With Chiron being in your opposite sign of Aries, there could be some very emotional issues at work. It is important that communication is clear and you are empathetic to those you work with to get the job done. Again ...the word for the year is ADJUSTMENT.

The eclipses this year will mostly effect those born Oct.11-17 and Oct 19-23. The latter group may have people plotting against them wanting them to work differently. If you suspect this, get it out in the open before damage is done. Know who supports you and who doesn't. Who wants you in and who wants you out.Beware of taking on a partner who has financial problems. Make sure you put everything on the table before making any financial plans.

Financially, your work efforts are rewarded, especially the first half of the year. It is also during this time that long term investments can be made. Much of your wealth seems to be tied up with someone else. Make sure this person has a reputable background.

The best dates for business transactions are before March 25. fromMay 20-July 10 and after Nov.24.

Difficult times are March 24-May20. Avoid confrontation during this time.


It is a good time to beautify the workplace and get the proper materials to do the job right.

*challenging*March 14-19
If you are planning to change jobs, proceed with cation. Try not to burn any bridges in case you change your mind.

March 26-April 3
Small stock gains are possible but do not put all your money in one place. It will not be a huge gain, however it is a good time for you to play your hunches.

May 17-23
Another good lucky streak with money....apparently without much work. This is a good time to play the lottery or you may get an inheritance.

*challenging*June 2-6
Difficulty with supervisor at work. It may not even be your fault...just a misinterpretation. Just stay reliable and friendly. This too will pass.

*challenging*Aug.17-Aug 31
For whatever reason, more work falls on your lap with very little help from others. Watch your health and stay centered.

This is a good time to seek employment and also address issues that need to be tackled at current job. You can assert yourself against competition confidently.

Oct.24- Nov.9
You are in tune. It is a good time to start a successful business or really kick up your current salary.

Around the new moon, Nov.13 you should be cautious about investing in digital products. This includes cryptos. Usually new moons are a good time to invest, however, there is too much cosmic unrest at this time.

Next year, 2024 will demand a lot from you. Get clear on where you stand at the end of this year to help you plan ahead of time what your goals will be in 2024.


Until May 15,Jupiter is in your solar house of partnership. You may find people wanting to get to know you without you even approaching them. Opportunities to be with your partner at home and away are available starting January as well,whether it be a sporting event or a walk in the woods.

Uranus brings adjustment in the relationship in its relationship to Libra. You may want more time alone than usual or your partner may need to travel for work. Differences in your interests may appear that you hadn't noticed before. These are all areas of adjustment to your relationship that will pop up suddenly.Because of this you may want to consciously plan a e few evenings together. Uranus is never boring. You will have much to talk about.

After May 16 you will spend more steady time together and may even be ready for larger joint purchases to secure your future.

Summer is fun as Venus in Leo works well with Libra.Venus goes retrograde from July 23-Sept 4.Venus retrograde will bring in relationships from the past sometimes. It also is a good time to do artistic projects.

The eclipses this year also stimulate activities in relationship. If you are single, it may bring in the opportunity to have a very soulful connection. This may or may not be romantic. It could be you develop a very deep friendship bond with someone.

Challenge comes with Chiron, the healing has been in your opposite sign of Aries since 2019 and will be there til 2026.Especially those born between Oct 4-13 there is a relationship that needs clarification and forgiveness. The best time to open up the conversation is during the new moon are March,July, August as well as the first half of October.


You may spark an interest in someone in healthcare or your therapist

Feb20-March 16
Many invitations for social events. Some that might involve traveling.

Ideal month to do couple therapy as healing is a prodominant energy.

April 11-22
Intense interchange with partner that strengthens the relationship.A friend from abroad may come visit.

*challenging*April 21-29
Misunderstandings with partner. You may both be overworked . It is difficult to listen to one another.

May 1-5
A different outlook on the relationship exist and matters get worked out.

June 5-July22
Venus in Leo will bring new and interesting people in your arena .

*challenging* June 23-July 1
You and your partner have different priorities. There could be disagreement on how money should be spent.

*challenging* July 23- Aug 12
Relationships and projects that initially were appealing you now have your doubts about them.

Sept 5-Oct.9
You now know where you stand and can make decisions based on your knowledge.You now have the courage to discuss painful issues and move towards resolution. Some of you will be working together with others for the community

Family issues arise that have never been resolved. There is a tendency for anger, however, it is important to find a way to forgive and forget. Take care of yourself.

November 8-20
Carefree time . People come to you. This is also a good time to pursue the arts.

*challenging* November 26- December4
You now have a better vision of difficulties you contribute to in a relationships. Memories of old relationships and old pains may give you new insight of yourself.


Libras are often the peacemakers of the zodiac. Being ruled by Venus they naturally attract others. Their natural instinct is to make sure everyone around them is treated fairly. Some may judge you as being weak as they do not understand your subtle ways. The autumn equinox is in your sign this year. You have an internal and external aura about you most of the year that gives you power of influence but also internal health.

Chiron is in your opposite sign of Aries, giving you the opportunity to heal old relationship wounds of the past.

Mars continues to be in the neighboring air energy of Gemini until March. This is very strengthening to your core.

It is a year to stand up for your needs and make yourself known. Insights you have gained over the last few years give you a clearer picture of where you stand presently and where you want to go.This also effects your health. You are strong and have a greater sense of determination.

There may be times of repressed anger that effect your kidneys.Make sure you drink plenty of liquids. Nettle,....but not too much,goldenrod and migwort will help with this. Balance disorders and tension in the lumbar region are another Libra health issue. Other than diet exercise and enough sleep, oils such ylang ylang,geranium and rose will help. St John's wart and lemon balm can be added to the bath to relieve tension. Smokey quartz is your healing stone to help you find your inner core.


This is a time you take a deep look within yourself.walks in nature and alone times to meditate are powerful.Your dreams may be intense right now. Write them down.

March 1-11
A lot of your problems resolve themselves as your intuition is high. Nature walks are powerful

*challenging*April 19-May 4
Your immune system is weaker and under attack. Watch for infections. Make sure you get a lot of rest as fatigue may set in. Find healing in nature and music.

May 8-23
You find others to help you pursue your goals. Trust your intuition.

May 29-June 3
It is a good time for body building and core strength exercises. You are physically and emotionally strong.

*challenging*June 20-July 2
Cation is advised. Do not make haste decisions. There is a tendency for restlessness. Slow down.Junioer is a healing oil for Libras to stay calm and centered.

*challenging*JUNE 28-Aug.4
Try not to push yourself or your body will rebel. It is important to let things happen in their own time.

A change has happened in you this year. You are better suited to face your past obstacles with new confidence and strength.

What an amazing year you're in. There have been having significant changes in your life already in the last couple years and it continues. There have been significant changes in relationships. Work and your family.

Uranus in your solar 7th house brings in new and interesting people. Remember to communicate clearly what your needs are, otherwise, a seemingly strong relationship can go awry. Stay involved so you are locked in rather than locked out due to miscommunication.

May 16, Jupiter moves into your solar partner house as well. Being in Taurus it is possible that new trustworthy people comes your life that will influence you greatly.

Uranus also rules electricity.Pay close attention to cyber attacks on your computer and/ or electrical appliances. It may be wise to purchase a generator this year.

Supporting Saturn in Pisces starting March 7 helps you to complete projects that you may have started.

Neptune, also in Pisces stirs your imagination to what the possibilities can bring. Neptune also brings in an element of spiritual growth as well as music, dance and travel.

One concern is that the moons south node is in Scorpio until July 12. You may have excellent career or personal offers, however, you are not sure if it is what you really want. It may be a good offer, but it just doesn't fit right. Trust your intuition.


In many ways, you are at the peak of your ability to be a magnet to people. People sense an excitement about you that they want to be a part of too.

The problem, however, is that you are not sure that this is what you want to be doing. When you have the security, you want more excitement. If you find something else that challenges you, yet gives you some stability, you may make a change in career. This is especially true if you were born Nov.7-16.

Though there are many changes around you, Saturn moving into Pisces in March helps you stabilize and enjoy the new people and new ideas around you. You will be able to organize your thoughts, structure, your days and accomplish your goals. You are a dependable hard worker and it pays off now. This is mostly true if you are born Oct.23-31

Interesting people will offer up a proposal for business partnerships....especially those born Oct. 28-Nov 7

You possess a great quality of being direct in a very polite and calm way. You have a style and vision others respond to. Those born Nov. 14-20 May experience this the most. This group may also get involved in charitable events.

Financially, do not take risk this year. With both Uranus, the planet of sudden change and Jupiter opposite your sun, you may have unexpected expenses suddenly arising. Overall finances look stable as long as you do not put your lifestyle at risk.

Overall the best times for business are March 25-May 20 and July 10-Aug.27. There tends to be conflicts May 20- July10. It is wise to avoid conflict during this time.

When the sun is in Scorpio is your best time this year. Your ideas are electric and yet you are well grounded.Stay centered, don't let other peoples comments upset you. This would change everything.Focus on your goals and keep your energy high and the benefits will follow.


Lenders are weak the first few days of the year. You use this to your advantage....but be fair.

You may find a cheaper energy supplier, whether it be gas or electricity.

*challenging* Feb.6-11
Watch your tongue. Even if you feel justified to insult someone, it will effect your relationships and your wallet.

If you are wondering what other job opportunities are out there, this is a good time for that, however, even if the prospects are good you may have to put up with inconveniences.

*challenging* April 2-8
Be proud of your work even if it is not recognized by others. There may be some jealousies. Stay focused. Stay positive.

May 23-July10
Check insurance policies. Are they what you need for your current lifestyle? Consider what works and what doesn't anymore.

*challenging* July 30-Aug 6. Aug 17-Aug 28
Avoid lending money to friends....or borrowing from friends.Make sure there is clarity in all financial agreements.

Nov 10-22
You are making more money


Partnerships of all kinds are the big news this year....very interesting people.It may be a quick conversation in an elevator, or a discussion on coffee at the market, but there is an element of surprise meetings and/or attractions.For the first half of the year, the lunar node is in your partnership house. You may find the perfect doctor or dressmaker or therapist or bedfellow.Relationships take on a deeper meaning.

Jupiter enters your partnership house May 16. Because of the natural trine your sun has with Saturn, these relationships often have the possibility of being of a long term.

Neptune, also trining your sun may give you the urge to travel. Neptune also can represents deep spiritual connections. Both are possible for you. as well as wanting to be by water.

Uranus in Taurus, where it's already been for awhile can bring exciting relationships and/or stormy confrontations. This is probably because of the changes that are happening.

Provocative Lilith is beckoning from January to October.. Venus also spends time from June to Oct.

It will be retrograde June 23-Oct.4. Often old friends or lovers reappear during retrograde. It is not a good time to marry or create a partnership in a business. Impulsive mars joins inn May 20-July 10. The combination of Lilith, Venus and Mars most likely encourages playful flirting in general. This playfulness can inspire collaboration . One must also be careful as sometimes playfulness can be misinterpreted and feelings get hurt.


*challenging* January 11-23
Stress at home and at work. You may feel disrespected. Don't take it personally.Do what needs to be done,whether others understand or not. It will get better soon.

January 27-Feb 20
This is a better time to discuss difficulties. It is easier now to see what went wrong earlier. Perspective is clearer.

*challenging* March 11-19
Critical time for commitments in a relationship. You may have promised something and cannot deliver. This could also be true in reverse.

March 20-April 10
This is a time of social meetings and invitations. You may be attracted to someone you hadn't noticed before. It is wise not to rush into anything as the relationship can be deeper if you slow down and take your time.

*challenging*April 12-17
Conflicts about money either with partner or children. You may have to re evaluate your budget, however, money should be coming in May.

May 5-June 2
Surprises in relationships....maybe a trip. Cohesion is strengthened.

*challenging*June 25-July 3. Aug 7-17 Sept.26-30
In the first phase passion is high. There may be love affairs in the workplace. Phase 2 complications arise and relationship may come to a halt. Surprising circumstance arises. There is a lot of passion in the air,however, you have your reputation to consider.

It is totally up to you what you want to do in this relationship. Social media helps work and relationships.

Love and cohesion in the family. It is a month of fun.


Scorpio, born of Pluto. Transformation is what you do. Your powerful energy is amazing, however, you must make sure you use it productively. You need an environment where your authenticity is respected and you feel free to speak. The world needs your passion and desire to transform.

Lilith transits in the challenging sign of Leo Jan. 8- Oct.3 You will feel an inner primal force push through. Your shadow side will reveal itself. Lilith will challenge you to face hidden issues.

Keep a dream diary by your bedside as your dreams may guide you spiritually when Saturn goes into Pisces March 7. It will stay in the supportive sign for over two years.

Your sheer intensity can show up in health issues. Areas to pay attention are bowels and bladder. Pay attention to sexual organs as well to keep them disease free. Make sure your energy is channeled constructively. Your intense desires can lead to anger that can be self destructive. Practice forgiveness as it is healing for others , but mostly for yourself.

Healing stones for you are red tourmaline to strengthen the heart. It can protect the reproductive organs from disease. You may be unnecessarily critical of yourself this year as many issues come to the surface. A tea mixture of lemon balm, rose,clary sage and fennel may help balance your inner self and help you sleep.


Feb 4-11
This is a time of spiritual growth. It may be through yoga, nature walks and prayer\ meditation. Essential oils, rose and jasmine may help you retreat.

March 15-25
Immune system may be under attack as you struggle with a situation where you do not know if it is true or deception. Use Vitamin C and ginger to keep you healthy.

May 6-23
New paths open up for you. Your intuition is right on so pay attention to what it's telling you about your future.

*challenging*June 22-July 4
Restlessness and impulsiveness are likely. Slow down and pay attention so you don't get in any accidents.

July 23-Aug.10
Believe in your own strength and have confidence. Trust your intuition as opportunities are opening up. It is a good time to overcome obstacles that may have tripped you up in the past.

Your immune system is weaker. Pay attention to diet, exercise and balance your work with self care.

You may be getting headaches due to stress. Magnesium, clary sage and lemon balm may help calm your nerves.

You will have a different view of your life situations that are helpful if you take time to journey inside and listen to your inner voice. This will help your body, mind and soul.

As the year begins, Jupiter is in a neighboring fire sign, Aries, and this brings confidence through May 16.

This usually brings a boost of energy. Mars is in Gemini, the natives solar 7th house. More than usual, neighbors come up and start conversations, as well as in grocery stores or a parking lot. It is a good time to complete projects.

March 7, Saturn moves into a square to your sun for the next two years. You begin to question the path you've chosen and recent decisions you've made. This happens partially because of demands others have made. Thus there is a struggle for your own personal space versus fulfilling demands or responsibilities one has signed up for. Other people asking for favors may challenge your need to express clearer boundaries.

What might have been okay earlier in the year, suddenly feels like a burden.

Some of you will partner up with the healing energy of Chiron and continue your work to make this world a better place. Working on projects that help the community strengthens your health as well as your spirit.


Financial success is greatest the first part of the year. Investment decisions have paid off. You have earned the respect due to you for your hard work and ability to stay with a project. This is especially true for those born Dec.14-21

Mars in Gemini until March 25 brings a great deal of restlessness. It is either your partner or business partner that is disturbing your calmness. It is important to have a composed but direct conversation relating where your boundaries are. This mostly pertains to people born Nov.30-Dec 16. Staying centered when there is a conflict will make you stronger and more confident. Losing your temper could hurt you.

When Saturn enters Pisces March 7 , you may feel stressed. If you do not consciously balance your personal time with work load you may experience burn-out.

You can make money this year. The first half of the year is more favorable than the second half. It is a good strategy to make your investment decisions early in the year and then step back for the second half of the year.

The best times for business activities and new initiatives are May 20- July 10, Aug 27- Oct 12. These times favor being assertive. Difficulties in work related areas are in effect through March 24 and again July 10- Aug 27. It is wise to avoid confrontation during this time.

Nov.24- Jan.2024 represents a new beginning. It could be better or worse conditions, depending on other factors in your chart,however, it will be the start of a new cycle.


Do not spend money as prices go up and you will need your cash this year.

*challenging*Feb 6-11
You may be tempted to make money through illegitimate means. Resist, as it will come back on you.

March 17-24
You may question the validity of your occupation. What brings you fulfillment might not be what your occupation is that you chose.

*challenging*April 11-April 28
Even though you may need money, this is not a good time to take out a loan.

July 29- Aug 3
Applications to authorities are quickly pushed through, whether it be for housing benefit, trade license or health insurance.

*challenging*Aug 27- Oct 18
Professional goals seem within reach, however, it is not as easy as you thought. There are delays.

*challenging*Oct 25-Nov.2
Miscommunication in the workplace. You don't appreciate people talking behind your back at work.

Sun, mars and mercury are all in your sign. You tend to get a lot done if you put your mind to it. This is the time to move into action. Tackle as many projects as you can at this time.


With mars being in your solar 7th house until March 24, people come up to you to start a conversation often.

Jupiter in neighboring fire sign Aries is in your favor as well untilalso opens the door for fun and new relationships.

If you are already in a committed relationship, mars in 7th as well as Jupiter trining your sun, in Aries , could make you more aggressive and argumentative than usual. It makes for more confidence and possible aggression until the middle of May.

Wild Lilith is in fire sign Aries until the beginning of October. You may be more incline to be wilder in the bedroom. You may discover parts of yourself that you didn't know existed befouled.

June 23 -Aug 4 an old acquaintance may come in the picture whom you haven't seen in awhile to sparup a flame again. This is most likely to happen for those born Dec.4-20.

Friendships as well as romance takes on more depth, especially in the summer. Travel May very well be a part of it.

Red hot summer relationships are most likely to happen to those born Dec4- 12. Old hurts in a relationship can be healed with a clearer understanding of each other.

As of March 7, you take on more responsibility with home. This takes away your freedom, which is so important to Sagittarians. Saturn squares require you to be more responsible. This will be true for the next two and a half years. Those born Nov. 21-29 will be most effected.


Light flirty energy whether you are married or single.

Mood is more serious, however; it's a good time to reassure your love for each other.

*challenging*Feb 2-8
Someone's feelings are hurt because you broke the confidence they expected in you.

Time to venture out and have fun.

*challenging* March 10-20
Misunderstanding with loved one. It also may be a test of whether you want to spend time with him/her anymore.

April 11-May 7
Social events.....however,May 1-7 family member may need your help.

A discussion about money could hit a sore spot with partner. Take a closer look at your money transactions and how you could save more money.

June5-July16. Aug.1-23
Possibility of meeting wonderful people through travel. Someone from your past is likely to appear.

*challenging*July 16-26
You are under pressure at work. You may be asked to do something that you don't feel comfortable doing. Try to be available.

Possible relationship rekindled from the summer.

** Oc29-Nov.5.
Someone in the house is feeling neglected. It is a good time for an empathetic listening ear.

A good time to cultivate relationships both personally and professionally.

Your love of freedom may clash with the needs of your loved ones.


You are the lucky ones in the zodiac. Somehow you land on your feet even in the toughest situations.

You are naturally charming.Boundaries between healthy and manic do not always exist for you when it comes to your body or work. The boundary often becomes apparent when complete exhaustion sets in.

Mars has been stimulating you since August 2032 and until March 25. This can be an energizing time, and yet you can wear yourself out.

When Saturn moves into Pisces on March 7, where it will stay for two years, exhaustion can become noticeable. Hopefully, you then realize you have to manage your energy. Treat yourself with the healing power of nature. Learn to slow down. If you don't the universe may do it for you.

Overdoing it often involves the health of your hips, pelvis and thighs. The sapphire stone, the stone of heaven can be very healing. The intense blue is the color of Jupiter, the father of the gods. Your love of nature and freedom underlines your well being.Calmness from meditation is essential. Herbs that help you are coriander, dill, tarragon and parsley. Cut back on spicy foods as they increase your fire element, when what you need to do is balance the fire with clary sage, cinnamon , fennel and mugwort.. They make great teas.


Optimistic time. You have a spiritual quest.

*challenging* March 7-17
With Saturn challenging you, you may question what life has handed you. You will question many things. Immune system can be under attack.

April 21-29
Under the heavenly influence of Chiron, the wounded healer, you are aware of what is healthy and healing for you and what is not. Citrus scents can heal like lemon and blood orange.

May 7-23
You are more aware of your spiritual. Intuition is strong. You tend to be at the right place at the right time.

*challenging*June 23-July 2
You tend to be restless and anxious.Give yourself plenty of time to get to your appointments. Drink plenty of water and a good night sleep.

July 23-Aug10
The sun gives you strength. You feel in good heath.It is a good time to plan your future.

Your body, mind and soul are in conflict.There may be an infection. It is a good time to spoil yourself.,

*challenge* Nov1-16
A somewhat strenuous time is indicated. Suppressed desires and goals may come to the surface.Address issues at hand without the tension and conflict.

As you look back, you may find it unbelievable how much your life has changed in the last 15 years while Pluto, the planet of total transformation, has been in Capricorn. For some the transformation has been work, while for others it is family, relationships and/or health. You are not the same person. You've had a second life within this one. In the process, you have discovered what power really is and that you had it....or have it more than you knew before....and yet there is so much you had to let go of.

In 2023 you exude a great deal of concentration on a project, as if your life depends on it. You do not want any interference to deter you from doing what you must do.

Neptune has been in a favorable position to Capricorn. For some of you this has meant wonderful travel experiences, while for others it has brought out activities in the arts, dance, music, painting or the theatre.

Uranus, the planet of sudden changes and new ideas has been in a favorable relationship since 2018 and will be until 2025. You have exuded confidence and are magnetic in your relationship to the public. It has been and is a time of impromptu creative burst of energy.

Saturn moving into Pisces for two years, has started this journey March 7 2023. Saturn is the ruling planet of Capricorn and Pisces is a complementary sign. This relationship will help you finish projects that you have started. It will also put you in a very serious state of mind for the next two years, til your task is completed.

Jupiter starts the year off in the conflicting sign of Aries. This may cause you to procrastinate what you know you need to do. Your decision making May suffer as you tend to overlook important matters. This changes after May 16 when Jupiter enters Taurus a neighboring earth sign to Capricorn. You then will be more optimistic of your future.

Chiron, the healing planet, squares off Capricorn again this year. This can bring conflict in relationships where other find you too strict or wielding too much authority.

Overall, 2023 is an excellent year for accomplishments, especially after May 16.


It is very possible that you are coming up with fresh ideas at work using new software. This is especially true if you are born between Jan.4-14.

With Jupiter going into Taurus, a favorable sign for you, there is a good chance opportunities will be opening up allowing for a higher income. It is also a good time to ask for a raise from your boss as luck with money is on your side. This is mostly true for those born Dec.26-Jan.6

It is in Capricorns nature to be productive and carry projects to completion successfully. Starting March 7 , when Saturn moves into Pisces, you will see large projects come to completion during its two year stay.

The best time to complete these projects with the highest result is between March 7 2023 and May 25 2025.

You have a clear objective in mind and a plan on how to get there. This is mostly true for those born Dec21-28. It is a good time to plan and get to work.

One challenge may be that you are not getting the respect you think you deserve at work. Remember to balance the criticism you are getting with the support you are also getting from others in your group. Remember too that if you are being critical of others it invites the same energy in return. Mutual respect is important. This pertains mostly to those born JAN1-10

Financial success is promising especially after May 16. Income and sales are better than expected. Your discipline Carrie's you to success.

The best times for business activity are July10- Aug.27, Oct.12-Nov.24. Periods of conflict are March 25-May 20, and Aug.27-Oct.12. It is wise to avoid confrontation at this time. Jan.24-March 6 represent new opportunities to start projects. This could be a time of recognition. You may get a better job during this time or be demoted depending on your quality of work.


*challenging* Jan.1-13
You have a difficult time finding energy. Once you collect yourself, you get your engine started and you're back on track

*challenging* Jan.18-26
Money isn't there for the things you wish for.

Feb 12-March 2
Because of your skills and persistence, you are making money again. Take a sober analysis of organizing your paychecks to get what you want and secure your future.

March 36-31
You spend money to have a good time. You need to do this, however, after this do not live beyond your means.

April 11-May 7
You are enjoying your work more. Your employer appreciates your reliability and willingness to go above and beyond what is required of you.

You will be tempted to bet.....don't. Your bet will be wasted

*challenge* Aug. 28-Sept 23
Advancement at work will be denied. Don't give up. Do not take a position below your qualifications..

This is a good time to promote yourself especially 14th moon

*challenging* Nov24-Dec 1
Keepgoing with your achievements. This is not a good time to take a break though you may feel like you want to do that.


The year proves to be very sociable for Capricorns, especially in March and May. October and November also look like a lot of fun. The last couple years have been rocky for you with family and close friends. The next year will be much calmer and stabilizing. Those of you in a committed relationship may find a tighter bond in the next couple years after March 7. This relationship is also favorable for working on a project together.

Uranus May stimulate online relationships, especially those born Jan.4-14. Business as well as romance is involved with social media. You will be meeting new interesting people. Even though you are excited about your new relationships, it may be wise to wait before committing your heart. Uranus in Taurus can be a sudden spark that disappears.

Especially for those born between January 12-18, the planet Neptune stirs your imagination. It also makes you very empathetic to your friends. If you are in a committed relationship, your partner will appreciate a deeper more meaningful relationship than what you had before.

After May 16, your self confidence grows It is very possible that more attention goes on your appearance making you even more attractive to others. You are very attractive physically as well as showing a caring and generous heart. This is because of Jupiter going into neighboring sign of Taurus. Jupiter expands the energy. It is mostly true, but not exclusively true for those born Dec.26-Jan.6.

Up until mid July the lunar north node is also in Taurus. North node is a very benefic energy. It is a nice placement especially for women who wish to be pregnant as Taurus rules your solar 5th house of children.

After July,the north node goes into Aries, that rules the solar 4th house of home. Either way a pregnancy could happen for the next two years.

Chiron, the wounded healer, has been and will be in conflicting Aries. This can bring difficulties with authority figure in the family.. Perhaps you are the authority figure in the family that brings conflict. The best rule to remember is to "treat others as you would like to be treated." This is especially true for those born Jan.1-10.

Venus turns retrograde in your solar 7th hose of partners this summer. Do not be surprised if an old lover or friend shows up wanting to rekindle the relationship you had started....and thought was finished. The end of May and early June mars will join Venus in your solar 7th house This may bring some friction. The returned lover may cause some difficulty in the existing relationship. July23-Sept.4


Jan27- Feb20
This is a time for charming others, You may find that someone has been watching you with interest and you didn't even know.

March 17- April 11
You are enjoying life. It is a great time to be creative.

*challenging* April21-28.
Encounters are emotionally charged. Your objective may contrast with others that have a different vision. You can avoid this by trying to understand other peoples feelings. Answers are not always based on logic. Sometimes it's just about being understanding. It is a good time to clear up miscommunications in a relationship.

May 7-23 and May 30- June 5
Venus, the planet of love, is in your solar 7th house of partnership. Whether personal or business acquaintances, you have peoples attention. If you are in a relationship, you tend to wrap your partner's attention around your little pinkie. There are difficulties in the dates in between.

Needs of the family tie you up at home with commitments. Don't quarrel..Do the right thing and people will respect you for it.

June 18-28
A long standing problem in a relationship can be healed now, whether you go into couple counseling or a spiritual retreat with friends or family.

*challenging* June 28-July 4
Passion is strong. This can cause estrangement of feeling misunderstood and/or intense attraction. Either way, your emotions are intense and you get under each others skin.

*challenging* Aug 6-16
Passionate ups and downs continue. A lover from the past may come to the surface to complicate the situation even more.

You understand each other better now. You will either move ahead with more wisdom or decide to split.

Oct.9- Nov.8
This is a time of more harmony and inner strength. You are better at recognizing and dealing with intense emotion. You may travel.

Some friends that may have fallen along the wayside when you were so intensely involved with your partner, are now a bigger part of your life.


The last ten or more years have been difficult on your health. Most of you will feel a great relief from that as Pluto leaves Capricorn for awhile in 2023 from March 23- June 11. You may have let your guard down a bit and gotten in touch with your soft side and maybe even fallen in love with Neptune still sextiling your sun.

You can now get in touch with your dreams. When Jupiter enters your solar 5th house on May 16 you could really be having fun getting in touch with your joyous child side. For women of child bearing age, it could also be a time of actually being pregnant with child. So if this is you and you don't want to get pregnant, you might want to take extra precautions after May 16, especially during the summer.if you do want to get pregnant, good luck. Of course a good look at your progressed moon would give you a more accurate reading for the best time to get pregnant.

Chiron the wounded healer makes some difficult aspects this year especially for those born between January 3-11. You may get overly emotional causing indigestion, stomach problems and skin irritation. Be sure to take supplements in magnesium, calcium and potassium. Make sure you get enough exercise. Milk thistle, mugwort and nettle can especially used for support. The stone black one is helpful to build confidence and set goals. Be gentle towards yourself. You deserve to have fun.


Chiron, the wounded healer opens up new insights into a path where you can see yourself in a brighter light. You receive a lot of support to achieve. You also receive criticism, however, your support system helps you to embrace your personality.

*challenging* March 8-17
Carelessness may slow you down. You are also at risk for infections and lower immunity. Do your part by eating healthy , getting enough rest and drinking enough water.

April 20- May 7
Your intuition is strong now. Repressed issues come to the surface, however, you are able to view it with a greater wisdom. You can encourage this with yoga exercises and meditation.

*challenging* June 20-26
You tend to feel restless. Pamper yourself with lavender baths. Practice yoga and/ or meditation to calm your mind.

July 24-Aug.10
Your love of nature gives you inner strength. Soak it up and save it for difficult times. No one but yourself can Stan's in your way of achieving your dreams.

*challenging* Aug.20-30
This is a time to focus on calming yourself , body, mind and soul. Meditate, do yoga and love yourself. Stay hydrated. A short term cleansing may be helpful.

*challenging*November 25-Dec.2
You may find this time exhausting. Chronic diseases may show up. Warmth and calmness will do wonders. Stay centered.

On the new moon Dec.13 have a vision of how to stay focused and calm. You crave stillness and inner expansion.

2023 is a year for death and rebirth....especially for those Aquarians that are born in January and early February. It is possibly that every aspect of your life, relationships, family, work and perhaps health will be altered. Remember with every "death" comes new this is how energy works. People may not understand you right now because changes are happening so frequently. Your ambitions and plans most likely will be very different than they were in 2022. It is wise to have a waiting period before making any commitments at this time as you will be going through a personal reconstruction for at least five years. Ideally any commitment should be elastic .....allowing for alterations as this is a year of transition.

Career and Finance
This is a time of new discoveries so watch that you do not fall behind on old responsibilities. Best dates to connect for financial gain:

Feb 1-9
Ideas are new and beneficial

May 8-June 5
Accept help from friends. Don't be afraid to accept that. It is not going to weigh you down with obligation but help you with your future.

September 16- Oct. 4
Good time to start new project. Customers may already be waiting for your input.

Nov.8- Dec12
Opportunity for travel with work. In December much deserved appreciation for your work may be expressed.

Love and Relationships
If your birthday is in January or early February then you have been experiencing much tension in your personal life with Uranus squaring your sun. It may have been difficult to find peace with your partner. This is because you are meant to look at your relationships in a different way, perhaps being more honest with yourself about who you are and taking responsibility for your own happiness. There my be new people in your life at this time to help you to see yourself differently. Those born between Feb 3-13 may face people moving out of the house or new people moving in....or an opportunity to move. Whatever the case, change is probable.

As your relationship to yourself is changing so will all of your other relationships change as well.

Highlighting times for relationships

January 3-27
A good time to meet someone .....and possibly whatever relationship you form has a good possibility for long time endurance.

Feb.20- March16
May be center of attention. People want to know who you are and know your ideas. Don't be afraid to speak up!

April 18-30
It is a good time to be in nature with those you love.carefree time

Challenging May 1-7
Misunderstandings. May have unexpected visitor.

June 14-24
Time of in-depth communication.....perhaps healing of old wound.

Summer may be challenging as you realize your values do not match up with another, however, a good time for insights of a past relationship

Resolution most likely comes as you reflect on old relationship. You now know where you stand Last couple days in September May be chaotic

Nov. 8-Dec 4
Your feet are getting itchy. You want to travel

Saturn has been in Aquarius for last couple years limiting your vitality, however, Saturn moves out of Aquarius this spring March 7 . It may truly feel like spring. You may be prone to leg cramps in the past where magnesium may help to solve problem.

January 15- Feb 12
Meditation and yoga may come into focus as well as walks in nature. Bergamont essential oil or a relaxing tea may help you when you sleep to ease any restlessness.

Challenging March 8-17
Protect your immune system with healing teas.Make sure you get enough sleep and drink plenty of good water. Stay focused on your path.

Challenge April 24-May 4
Allow yourself time alone to recharge your battery. Watch your diet, as stomach problems could arise. This is a time of self care.

May 7- 24
Continue to put special attention on your health by exercising, meditation and eating healthy food.

Challenging June 22- July 2
Tendency for restlessness...wanting to break free. Slow down. Rushing could cause injury.

Throughout summer and fall - Stay focused on self care, pacing yourself and paying attention to body, mind and spirit. This year is a time to end bad habits and take care of yourself. Stay focused.

With Saturn entering your sun sign on March 7, plans that you have been working for may start to materialize. It will come with a price of responsibility and disciple as Saturn is the planet of hard work.

As Saturn is also associated with identity, you may feel like you have to take on so much more that your former identity is altered.

It could be exhausting to keep up with and may take much of your energy, however, Neptune is also in Pisces and will be for the next three years.. Dreams that you may have been nurturing for the past couple years now have the opportunity to materialize, however it may not be exactly how you had pictured it be .Adjustments will have to happen. Saturn will test whether you really believe in yourself, your philosophy of life and professional ability. It is a time to have faith in your dreams and work hard.

Relaxing by the water, especially the ocean will help soothe your anxiety as well as facilitate dreaming of what you want to do.

You receive support from people in your immediate area. You will find people will show up when you need them. The prerequisite is that you stay present with them.....keep in conversation. Especially in mid May you will find that strong friendships form that will last throughout the whole year.

With Uranus making a favorable aspect to your sun, you will discover new approaches will come to mind that you hadn't thought of previously. ...perhaps technology plays a bigger part of your plan. Learning new skills is favorable. Your energy is very magnetic this year, however,Saturn on sun often brings low energy to accomplish the work you want to do.

It a year of new discoveries and new responsibilities. The energy will go back and forth between being energized by new discoveries and just feeling tired. Make sure you get enough sleep and eat wisely.

The first couple months of this year you may feel scattered. Make sure you concentrate on one thing at a time. It is a time of high sensitivity. Learn to focus this into a project rather than being overcome by it. Work to channel this sensitive energy into something constructive.

Those born between February 26 andMarch 14 may have experienced a dispute at work that they don't want to resolve.You may have to let them go..

Best times to initiate business:

February 26- March 6
Jupiter and Venus work together to bring you opportunity to make money. Chiron, the healing planet is also at work. You may have to make sacrifices to make this income that you may not make you feel comfortable.

March 19-April 3
Tips from friends on how to proceed with your dream.

Challenging time April 21- May 14
Thoughts are contradictory. You think one way....then change your mind. Wait to get all the information before moving forward.

June 6- July 10
A situation will arise where you show fairness and justice in your decision. Your commitment to do the right thing brings admiration.

Challenging time. July 15-July 26
Conflict in relationship.....resentment and rejection.Try not to take it personally. It's not about you. It is about the situation.

Challenging time August 23- September 15
Not a good time to purchase as the whole truth of the situation is not disclosed.

Highlighted time October 22- Nov.9
Opportunity to learn new skill to benefit your future.

November 25- December 1
A good time to advertise. It is important to speak up and get noticed.


The big question for Pisces in 2023 is: Do you know what you want? Opportunities come to you, especially in February, April and May.May, September and October show a time for deeper commitment surfacing if Pisces so choose to participate.

Because mars was in conflict in the beginning of the year you may have had difficulties with family/home. This tension began August 2022 and will subside March 2023. As mars is a masculine energy, it is most likely that the tension was with a male, whether it be a son, male roommate or even male pet.

On March 7 Saturn enters Pisces.For the next two years you will have to be economical with your time and energy. Manage your time wisely, as demands from a third party could become overwhelming. This is a time when you have to decide how much time you want to give relationships and how much lone time you need.

You may feel you cannot ask much of your family because you may not have been there for them, however, Saturn provides opportunity to take action to heal old wounds. If it doesn't work, then you can put the relationship on a new footing and move on to overcome crisis. THIS APPLIES TO THOSE BORN Feb 18-26 mostly. Help with relationships are supported by other friends as well. You need not feel alone


Jan.27-Feb 20
During this time you are charismatic. Venus surrounds you. New moon in Pisces on Feb.20. Venus will help you to be fair and yet charming in solving any relational problems. New moon: Set your sights for what you want to achieve.

May 7-June 5
Romance is highly possible. Take a chance. Do something exciting.

June 27- July 3
Trusting time in is also a good time to be in a group situation where you learn and grow together.

Sept10- 20
Great energy especially around new moon September 15. If you are single imagine what you want your new partner to be like. If you are already in a relationship think of something new to bring you together

Oct.15-Nov 8. December 7- 29
This phase is especially good for traveling with friends.


March 9-15
Make sure people hear what you intend to communicate as it is likely misunderstandings arise.

Pisces, you are the last sign in the zodiac. The circle closes with Pisces. You are the energy of spirit and dreams. Only some understand you. On March 7, Saturn enters Pisces. It is time to make those dreams concrete. Ground those dreams into reality. Your challenge is to balance taking care of yourself with all the opportunities that are calling you. Take it seriously. You can't do anything unless you are healthy. Keep yourself flexible allowing time for meditation and exercise. Saturn on sun often drains energy as there are so many demands of the BALANCE is the key.


Highlight Jan 18- Feb 10
Good time to asses health. Set up routine of vitamins and vitamin c. Excercise of swimming is especially healing. Routine is important.

Challenge March 8- 22
Slow down during this time if possible. It is important to take vit c and zinc.

Highlight April 21- May 9
Good time to break out of old habits that do not serve you. Make sure you eat right. Support your metabolism with bitter substances and mugwort.

Highlight May 7- 25
This is an auspicious time for spiritual growth. Take time to be in nature. Creative work comes from deep within you.

Challenging June 21-July2
You are asked to make quick decisions. Don't do it. Take your time and think it over. Don't let people rush you. Exercise away your stress. Keep up with vitamins.

Challenging August 16- 24
Stay focused. Resist wanting to run away from decisions that need to be made. Stay with your core and your intuition will guide you.

Highlight Oct.14-Nov.14
You can implement what you have set out to do. Your willpower is strong. Your attitude will reflect in your health. It is a good time to fit in your annual check up. Keep up with building immune system and treating your body well.

Challenging Nov.22- Dec 2
You perceive this time to be exhausting. You probably hold tension in area of teeth, jaw, throat or neck.

Your hard work hits your body. Magnesium may help . Pay attention to your blood formation and liver. Try to end your days with a bath of lavender, juniper and yang ylang.

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