Looking back at 2020. Looking ahead at 2021.

It was a year unlike any we have lived before. It will change the way we live from now on.

Between February 12, 2020 and February 20, 2020, many of the world's stock indices were making new multi-year highs. Dow Jones had reached an all-time high. One week later the S&P and NASDAQ did the same. Both national and international economies were humming along, with unemployment in the United States at its lowest in 50 years.

The next month everything, changed.

The grand conjunction of January 12, 2020 of Pluto, Saturn and the Sun foretold a drastic change with governments and other institutions. Pluto is about death and rebirth. It's conjunction with Saturn forecast a major reconstruction that would last for years to come. Astrologers across the world watched knowing something big was going to happen.

Earlier in the year, the United States military assassinated Iranian general, Qasem Soleimani, who was planning on meeting the Iraqi minister that day. At the time, many people thought this assassination was the event that would start the process of tearing down and rebuilding the structure of the political world. Surely this act would start the revolution. But something even more overwhelming was about to begin.

On February 16, 2020 Mars entered the cosmic dance in Capricorn ♑️. It was right in the middle of the global economic boom. Little did we know that the economic optimism would suddenly change bringing with it a foreboding cloud of fear. A pandemic was about to unfold over the next several weeks that would be unlike anything we have ever experienced before.

Former Capricorn ♑️ conjunction 1988- 1993

In astrology we look for patterns in history to get an idea of what is about to unfold. From 1988- 1993 Saturn, Uranus and Neptune transmitted through the sign of Capricorn ♑️ along with the moons north node. This was referred to as the Capricorn Climax as vision( Neptune) and electronics (Uranus) would establish a new structure (Saturn) in our life. This was a time of growth in our personal and professional lives with fax machines, cell phones and the internet. Our lives would never be the same.

On the political scene, life was also changing. Russian communism came crashing down and with it the Berlin Wall. Over 300 million new consumers entered the world's free market economy. Stock markets everywhere surge. The Cold War between Russia and the United States was over. Life would never be the same.

The conjunction of planets in Capricorn now, as then, mark a time of total reconstruction and change.

On February 2020 Mars walks into the Capricorn party ♑️

So as Mars enters Capricorn 2020 to join stellium in Capricorn, Saturn moves into Aquarius. When Mars enters a stellium of outer planets it serves as an activator. This is precisely what happened in February and March 2020. Also, at this time Saturn entered Aquarius. Capricorn moving to Aquarius is like the past moving into the future. In 2020 Saturn moved back and forth between Capricorn ♑️ and Aquarius ♒️ all year, giving us a glimpse of what to expect in the future. During this time COVID 19 became the international headline and the stock market entered a panic. In just one month... with the shift of Mars and Saturn, the whole world changed. Not only did the pandemic jeopardize our health but the stock market and employment drastically plummeted. Never has there been such a huge upturn followed by such a drastic fall in our lifestyle.

Other institutions (Capricorn ♑️) were effected, too. Schools closed down. Travel restricted. Jupiter, a planet also in Capricorn, represents both schooling and travel. When it joined with the restrictive planet, Saturn restrictions came into place.

Looking ahead into 2021

As 2020 began on January 12th with a stellium of planets in Capricorn ♑️, it ended with a stellium of planets in Aquarius ♒️... again moving from the past into the future on December 21, 2020. Whenever we have the planets Jupiter and Saturn coming together it marks a shift in what is to come and will endure. What does this mean? To understand this we need to understand the energy shift into Aquarius ♒️. Aquarius is the energy of freedom. Jupiter rules schooling. This could indicate a movement in the next 20 years towards free education. Technology is ruled by Aquarius hence online courses will become even more common. Aquarius rules community. Perhaps instead of everyone going to one school smaller communities will form their own programs... possibly programs that involve the community as part of the schooling like combining working in businesses with the curriculum.

As Jupiter settles into the freedom loving sign of Aquarius ♒️ travel will increase, however hotels and conference facilities may falter as more and more meetings become virtual.

We may see an increase in people buying land together and even houses together as community living will come to the forefront.

As Jupiter also represents the law and Saturn represents land, the law of the land in Aquarius will support individual human rights... the Aquarian age, when it is expected that people, regardless of sex orientation, religion, or racial background, will be expected to be treated fairly and respected and treated with dignity.

Whenever Saturn and Jupiter conjoin in a sign, as they last did on December 21 in Aquarius, it is referred to as the Great Chronocrator. This term means a marker in time. It usually happens about every twenty years. In 2020 it happened in the same year. First in January in Capricorn and then in December in Aquarius. In the next twenty years we will see a life style of reformation in how we have lived our lives in arenas of institutions of education, business, prisons, travel and generally how we live our everyday life. It will be a lifestyle where we work together to survive on this planet.
The forecasts for the following sunsigns are based on the transits of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and the moons north nodes (eclipses). When applying it will also include the effect of transiting Chiron and Lilith.

This year will be a year of fewer obstacles in your way than last year as planets leave the confronting square of Capricorn to a supportive Aquarius. Chiron remains in Aries helping you to gain wisdom from last years encounters.


As Pluto remains in Capricorn until 2023 you may still be wondering how to transform your work situation to fit your personal needs, however, with Jupiter and Saturn shifting into Aquarius you should get a glimpse of what your next move should be.

It is a year to bring forward any power struggles in the workplace and work towards a mutual understanding. You may also find some of your business relationships turn into strong friendships.

It is a time when new, fresh ideas come into place that will increase your finances... especially for those born between March 30 - April 13.

Favorable and challenging times of the year for business:


Many new friends... some that turn to romance.
*Beware of power struggles as Pluto still squares your sun. North node in 3rd house encourages close relationships with siblings and neighbors.


Overall health appears to be improving. It may be a good year to deal with any adversities to the head like tumors or skin problems that have plagued you in the past.

The first half of 2021 Chiron and Saturn relationship with Aries bring help to chronic ailments. Talking with people with common situations will help.

It should be a good year for exercise, however, be careful of accidents in home April 23 - June 11 caused by feeling agitated... hence not paying attention.

June 27 - July21 Best overall time of year as both Mars and Venus are on your side. Strong health and mindset are likely.


March 14 - April 5
You show great persuasive ability.
June 11 - 24 & July 4 - 29
Very productive time to get new projects off the ground.
December 13 - January 24, 2022
Great time to make plans. You are convincing and powerful.


January 15 - 28
Tendency to be too hasty.
April 23 - June 11
Avoid confrontation.
June 25 - July 3
Momentarily obstacles come but if you stick to it they will clear up. Saturn blocks Mars for these days.
September 14 - October 30
It feels to you like people are looking for confrontation. Mercury retrograde complicates communication more.


Again much depends on how well you handle surprises. There are new job opportunities and new opportunities to make money April 26 - May 5. People will have Uranus on their sun which could bring new technology in the workplace. As Saturn squares this conjunction of planets, the good fortune will come with adjustments... perhaps you will have to take a risk you are not comfortable with. The challenge then is to not be afraid of risks but to also think practically.

Saturn in Aquarius squaring those born April 20 - 22 may mean you have overstayed your welcome, however, their may be greener pasture on the other side anyway.


Psychologically, with Uranus in Taurus, many of you are going through a change of lifestyle and appearance, which increases your charisma. It is an excellent time for new romances with physical chemistry.

With Lilith also being in Taurus until July 18 you may be tempted to provoke and shock people with your behavior. You may also demand changes in others.

Because this conjunction on your sun squares Saturn (for those born April 21 - May 6) you may be bored with a current relationship and wanting to break free.


With so much going on with you this year it is important to stay centered. Caring for your heart is at the top of your list. It will be easy to get over stressed. It may be helpful to stick to routine and take care of yourself.


February 18 - March 1
You can count on influential allies.
May 5 - 29
This is a very charismatic time.
July 30 - September 14
Very productive. Very lucky. May be a good time to buy a lottery ticket.
November 25 - December 5
Good time to close the deal. Previous conflicts can be remedied.


January 7 - 31
May be too hasty in decision making. Ask a trusted third party before making a move.
June 1 - 22
Mercury is retrograde. Check your information before making a move. Make sure what is said is what you hear.
June 23 - July 8
Potential stress at home. Take time to meditate and clear out. Unwanted stress.
October 31 - November 24
You may be tempted to end situations out of frustration. Hold on.

It will be a year of recognition as the moons north node continues to be in Gemini until December. As Neptune in Pisces squares Gemini, it is important to surround yourself with people you can trust... people who are honest and direct. It is also important to be honest with yourself and see things as they really are. The wild Lilith goes into Gemini July 18 until the end of the year; that tends to give people the urge for freedom and desires for fulfillment. You are more uncompromising than usual. For artist, however, Lilith can ignite creative energy.


Gemini north node will most effect those born May 21 - June 9. Luck puts you in the right place at the right time. People will want to emulate you. Saturn and Jupiter trine your sun giving you opportunity for financial gain. If you have dealings in court, success is likely if you are honest and practical with yourself. Educational endeavors and foreign travel is also favorable, however, if you are dishonest, you will be called out.


With positive support from eclipses, Jupiter and Saturn, Geminis will feel confident in their relationships, both romantic and business. It is, however, important to note that Neptune continues to square Gemini. This infers a possibility of Geminis not looking at relationships realistically. It is advised that they refer to their trusted friends before making any lasting partnership commitments.


It is a fairly good year for health with Geminis. Your health should be steadier than in the last three years. Those struggling with infections especially should see progress.

On June 10, 2021 there is an eclipse in Gemini. This effects Geminis 90 days before. With this, pay attention to the health of your heart. Because Gemini rules our limbs, hands, arms and legs, there is more of a chance for fractures during this time. This especially true for those born June 6 - 14.

Chiron, the healing planet, makes positive aspects to Gemini. Those that have a long term illness should feel some relief this year.


March 5 - 20, March 26 - April 4, April 15 - 23
The best time to get a project off the ground. Your conversation is convincing. You are most able to meet the right people at the right time.
June 23 - July 16
Good time for marketing.
September 23 - 26 and October 19 - November 5
Great momentum to take on new projects. Mercury goes retrograde so double check your communication. Have people repeat your direction to ensure that what is said is what is heard.


March 21 - 25 and April 5 - 14
Be aware of miscalculations. Vague orders from boss can slow you down.
May 29 - June 22
Mercury retrograde. Double check information.
July 28 - August 18
It is a difficult time to stay neutral during a time of controversy. You may be effected by injustice.

There are both positive and challenging aspects ahead for Cancerians. Cancers have the ability for great vision and inspiration to succeed in business as well as relationships of friendships and romance.

Pluto, however, is in opposition for another three years. This opposition challenges Cancer individuals to come out of their shell and face those who try to overpower them. With this comes threats of being under minded. The challenge then is to do what is right in a calm and respectful way knowing that this too will pass. Uranus, the planet of higher knowledge and inspiration, when under positive aspect, gives Cancers strength to move forward.

As both Saturn and Jupiter move out of the opposing energy of Capricorn into Aquarius, Cancers will feel a load taken off their shoulder with a clearer vision of what they need to do.

With both Uranus and Neptune supporting, Cancers will feel inspired and intuitive in looking into the future, helping them with their challenges too.

Chiron, too, shows a challenge with authorities, however, this challenge can make Cancers stronger and give them the ability to reconcile.


Though Cancers need to be conscious of power plays in the workplace, 2021 is an excellent year for them to make their dreams come true. Perhaps when Saturn and Jupiter were in opposing sign of Capricorn in 2020 they have learned to be more practical in their vision to move forward. Cancer artists, whether they be writers, musicians, dancers, or painters will be very inspired in their work. Whatever the business interest is, it is very probable that technology will play a bigger part than in 2020. It is important to make adjustments in relationships that might have been damaged last year to move ahead successfully.

Overall it is an excellent year for finances with Cancer because of positive aspects with Neptune and Uranus. It will most likely bring good fortune for the next three years.

Because Pluto is still in opposite sign of Capricorn you may still be dealing with power struggles, however, each opposite sign has its lessons. Capricorn to Cancer is about holding people accountable while still keeping your own signature of being a caring person. It is a time to be brave and strong.

Chiron brings some challenges, too, being in your solar 10th house. You may feel a lack of appreciation that could get under your skin. This may cause you to question yourself. HOLD ON.

See this as a challenge not a defeat. Stand up for yourself and your cause.

It is a good time to review and heal personal relationships that you may have felt overpowered you in the past. You can be strong and still be caring.

With Saturn, the planet of lessons, being in your solar 8th house of finances, have a watchful eye on mutual investments. The other party might have alternate plans. Keep in mind, too, that Jupiter is also in 8th house of finances. As Jupiter is beneficial and expanding energy, this could mean financial growth as well. Most likely both incidences will be true.


Romance and infatuation is high this year as romantic Pisces connects Cancer with an easy trine. Jupiter joins that trine May 3 - July 28 making it the best time for a romantic holiday. Neptune also represents a deep lasting committed relationships that are spiritually connected. Meanwhile Pluto is in Cancer's solar 7th house raising their consciousness on whether this relationship is truly beneficial. Pluto in Capricorn will test companions' ability to commit. Pluto, in 7th May, also manifests by attracting dominant partners. If you are already in a committed relationship ship it is a good important yeartime to reconnect or get married and have a beautiful honeymoon.


As Cancers and Pisces energy have a special connection this year, Pisces type of exercise is especially wonderful. Neptune is the god of Pisces and rules water, therefore any water activities would be wonderful. Pisces rules the feet so it's a great time to dance or do foot reflexology. Pisces is spirit energy and Hathaway Yoga, Thai Chi or Pilates will all help you get in touch with your body... fluid motion is the emphasis. Because Pluto still opposes the sun for many cancerians, watch out for unwanted growths. Get it removed as soon as necessary. Remember the best time for surgery is close to the new moon while the worst is the full moon. The digestive system can also be effected at this time. Most importantly, enjoy yourself, nurture yourself by being with your friends. Uranus in the solar 8th house suggests friends will help lighten the load and release stress, whether you are dancing, swimming or doing yoga together. It's a good time to connect with a group of people of like minds to support one another. It is an important year for healing old wounds in relationships and having fun again after a very difficult 2020.


February 13 - March 3
This time has great momentum for starting new projects, especially if it involves a group.
April 23 - May 7
Energy tends to be high. Stay focused on your goal in work. Stay focused.
August 17 - 26
Inspiration is strong. Ability to visualize what you want is present. Keep a notepad ready to write.
November 11 - December 8
Hopefully you have found a rhythm with balancing work with home because you have a new surge of energy. Keep focused.


May 8 - 16
Be careful that you don't move too fast and miss important details. People may have a tendency to get on your nerves.
June 1 - 8
Power struggles are likely. You may be overly sensitive. Try to stay objective and not take opinions personally. Mercury is retrograde so make sure what you hear is what is said. Double check information in documents.
September 28 - October 25
Increased demands between home and work. Evaluate your priorities. Don't give up your dreams. You may have to juggle. Look for someone to confide in.

There are both favorable and challenges facing Leo's in 2021. Like the other signs, it is important to remember that challenges in our life are also good as they build character and help us to be stronger individuals.

The north node continues to be in Gemini at a favorable angle to Leo and putting it right in their solar 11th house. Meaning: 11th house is about organizations, friendships and hopes and dreams. Having the benefic north node there gives positive social involvement.

Pluto's and Neptune's specific aspects for the next 3-4 years point to adjustments in both work and personal relationships. It is important to do the right thing, regardless of power struggles or misinformation. In this way, as you adjust your outlook, your situation has a better outlook than you originally anticipated. It's a matter of adjustment.

Both Jupiter and Saturn will be opposite your sun sign. Oppositions put a focus on relationships both business and personal. With both Jupiter and Saturn in opposition and in the solar 7th house, there will be both great opportunities and lessons with your close connections. You may be asking yourself "Is this relationship worth it?", however, the opportunity will be there for new, close relationship.

Uranus in Taurus is in your solar tenth house... being a very possible square. This correlates with a major lifestyle change, which may have started last year and will continue for three to four years.

Uranus represents SUDDEN changes. Though it is in your solar house 10 it effects all the angles of home, partnership career and personal outlook. It may be a time of sudden separations as well as new sudden changes in these areas.

With mischievous Lilith squaring your sun as well until July 17, you may find yourself attracted to someone who annoys you yet mystifies you. They may get you in touch with your passionate feelings you may have suppressed in favor of convenience.


The critical influence of Saturn and Uranus mostly means changes in work and career.

This may require learning new technical skills and working with new people. You may even totally leave the type of work you are into for something completely unrelated. It may be a different boss bringing all the changes. Whatever it is, it most likely will come suddenly.

It is very possible that you may have a new partner and will be faced with finishing old business while moving into a new arena. It could be that you finally got the position you were hoping for only to realize it's more work than you expected. You may be faced with finding a balance between work and your private life. You may be asking yourself, "Is it worth it?"

During the first half of the year, the rebellious Lilith will be in your solar tenth house of career. This may manifest by dealing with a difficult woman superior. Gender issues may also influence your profession. There may be a fear of not getting money you had counted on and therefore you need to work harder.

Chiron's position favors those working in healing professions. As it has a positive connection to Saturn, superiors take what you say seriously and you can achieve success in your endeavors.

It is not a good year for "easy money." Chances for lottery wins are not likely. It is important to look at the details in whatever partner arrangements you might have concerning finances with. Be cautious of paying people too much for a job they did. Be cautious with money.


The key phrase is "surprise encounters." This is the year you may meet someone who intrigues you and have chemistry with only to have it end as suddenly as it starts. Partnerships are possible and even probable, however, take them slowly. Be open with your partner of the changes you are going through.

It is a year of reflection on deciding what you really want in a relationship.

It is likely that you meet someone who triggers negative feelings from past relationships. Internal reflection is needed before making any lasting commitments. Make sure you both want the same things from these encounters.

You may be drawn to someone who is older with much stability. He/ she may even play a parental role. You most likely will ask yourself "Is this what I really want?" Opportunities for a new, strong relationship are very possible and probable if you take it slowly.

Marriage or proposal is also very possible as you are popular this year and in high demand.

People love being around your positive energy.

Many people are attracted to you this year, however, you might want to move slowly as you have a lot going on and can benefit from personal reflection.


The biggest risk for you right now is taking on more than you can handle. You have a lot of opportunities ahead of you this year in business and relationships. The stress of wanting to do it all can take you down. Pay special attention to your heart.

Exercise and rest are paramount. Taking the time to leave your desk to rejuvenate is time well spent. Be as aware of your physical and mental state as you are of your obligations.

Relationships are plentiful but may also be demanding. You may even want to avoid situation that might bring over excitement as it may prove to be overwhelming.

Having Jupiter in the opposite sign of Aquarius means you want to watch overindulgence, whether it be food or alcohol. Jupiter also rules the liver, so it may be necessary to discipline yourself to not overtax it by eating too many rich foods. Watch overdoing medication as well.

Specific areas to watch with your health are your heart and nervous system. Flexibility is another big issue. It is a good year to start your day with yoga and meditation. More vigorous exercise can also be helpful to reduce stress and anxiety.

The key for good health this year is to practice moderation, take time to relax and make decisions slowly. A lot is going on. No need to rush.


April 9 - 24
Opportunities to gain support from others toward your goal.
July 12 - 29
Good time to show new initiatives. There is a good chance your ideas will be accepted.
September 15 - 26 and Oct. 19-30
This is a good time for marketing and presenting yourself.
**Mercury goes retrograde Setember 27 - October 18
This is a good time to review and research what it is you want to do.
December 13 - 31
It is a great time to make plans for the coming year. You are most likely very busy.


November 8 - 24
This is a time you may have to juggle home demands with career.

With both Pluto and Uranus making positive aspects to your sun, many signs are pointing to success in 2021. Your ability to bring projects into fruition with others is strong as long as you do not let personal matters interfere for three more years. Uranus is higher knowledge and thus may bring you new insights in how to live your life.

Neptune, however, is still in the opposite sign of Pisces for four more years. Problems may arise if you do not set clear boundaries in your relationship. Be forthright in speaking your truth of what you need to move forward. Insist that others are truthful with you. Having Pluto in positive aspect should help you to do this. The challenge then is to set boundaries in a loving way.

Wild Lilith is in a tense relationship with your sun July 18 - April 14, 2022. This arrouses your need to be independent and non-conformist. Virgos usually keep a lid on this, however, this year it may be strong and you may not want lukewarm compromises. It could get you in trouble... but could be very liberating, too.

Jupiter moves into the opposite sign of Pisces in mid May. Jupiter in opposition brings abundance in relationships in both business and personal matters. You may meet people of like mind that bring mutual support.

As we all move from Capricorn earth energy to the age of air Aquarius, Virgos can serve as a bridge to connect the old to the new. It calls Virgos to show us all the balance between body and soul.

You will be called to do this within yourself and as you reach out to others.


Your talents can reap great rewards in 2021. You have the ability to to grow. There may be a transformation needed of your general approach, however, your imagination is stimulated and you are ready to raise the bar.

It is then a year of improving, reforming, and changing what doesn't work to produce a better yield in your life. You now have the ability to resurrect old projects into something more viable.

Asteroid Lilith comes into play the second half of the year to raise some havoc. There may be a challenge to your position in the workplace. Most likely it concerns a woman that somehow changes your schedule... causing you to have to work more hours.


The key word for Virgos in relationship this year is TRUST. If you find yourself in a relationship that intrigues you, but does not feel solid, don't mess around with it. It is a good year to put your cards on the table. Be straight forward. If they can't handle that... do yourself a favor and move on.

The tendency for dissillusionment is especially true for those born September 10 - 16.

There are also promises of new and exciting relationships. This may involve travel. This is especially true for those born August 28 - September 7.

For those born September 3 - 20, November 2021 especially is likely to bring a relationship that makes you feel empowered... It may be romantic or plutonic, however, it will be a relationship that lasts a long time.

People at work most likely will be encouraging. It is a year of personal growth and acceptance.

Proposals for partnerships or just increased popularity is strong for those born September 22 - 25 (especially). This is strongest between May - July.


Because Neptune is in the opposite sign, Pisces, misdiagnosis is possible. It is also highly possible that your fear of pandemic may cause you to have low energy or get sick.

It is vitally important this year that you work to build your energy up with exercise, getting enough sleep and eating a diet that boosts your immunity. Avoid people with negative vibrations that bring you down. It is a year to take control of your habits. Take responsibility of your own energy field in thoughts, words, and deeds. Some of you may suffer from anemia. It is a year to watch your diet, get rid of bad habits and take control of your health.

In some instances, old wounds from past relationships are festering and causing bad habits. The planet Chiron is helpful in healing this year. Therapy, either individual or as a couple, would be powerful this year to get clear on your next move. January 6 - March 4 is the best time to increase your vitality through exercise. Try to take a break from stressful routines you may have developed in last couple years.

It's time for a NEW YOU!


February 15 - March 3
Although Mercury is retrograde February 22 it becomes easier to find a rhythm and align with others. You can implement ideas after February 21.
May 7 - 14
New ideas come to mind. Keep a notepad handy.
July 30 - August 6
Lucky time. Bargains come through. Might be fun to buy a lottery ticket because you are LUCKY.
August 10 - 28 and September 6 - 11
You have persuasive power. Opportunities to advance through technology.
November 22 - December 3
It is a productive time. Good time for writing, working with languages, and planning marketing strategies.


January 1 - February 15
Situations tend to block your momentum. Do not be discouraged. The misunderstandings will clear up after January 30. Projects move easier after Mercury retrograde.
May 28 - June 12
Mercury is retrograde. Possible deception in financial agreements. Wait until June 22 before signing important papers.
July 28 - Aug 3
You feel like you need to defend your position. Confrontations.
August 29 - September 5
Possibly someone is setting you up behind your back. Be cautious.

For many Libras 2018 - 2020 were rough years. Now Saturn will be trining your sun giving you new hope. If you have been persistent about doing your best, this is a time of reaping the rewards. The last couple years you have had interruptions and obstacles in your path that will no longer be there. Jupiter trining your sun now will give you a new sense of optimism and opportunities.

Your opportunities to meet new people will bring lasting relationships. Building new networks in communications is highlighted. Involvement with groups as well as personal relationships is growing in 2021.

Those born in October will still feel the influence of Pluto opposition. Although this may be uprooting, powerful personal transformation can be the result if you are open to growth and maturing. Growth spurts can be uncomfortable. Take heart. Better days are ahead. Hold your ground and do what is right.


Opportunities open up for you this year. If you have been working on a project for the last couple years, new avenues of growth for the project will appear. The last couple years may have been difficult, however, those obstacles are gone.

If for some reason you think you have not been getting paid fairly it is very likely that more money is available. Opportunities with business partners or organizations are prevalent.

For those born between October 16 - 20 it is likely that your job is in perhaps due to circumstances beyond your control. It is wise to confront this person and bring matters out in the open.

Overall prosperity is very likely, however, the cosmos favors conservative safe investments over high stake gambling.

Beware of taking on too many projects or thinking you have to take on more than what is healthy for your well-being.


Love and relationships take priority with Librans. Popularity is strong this year. If you are in a committed relationship it is likely that you make that commitment. Even if you don't make it legal it is likely that you will feel a sense of deep commitment in your relationship.

It is also very possible that you have an expansion with people in family or home... possibly children or grandchildren... or more people in.

If you are single there will be opportunities to meet new people. There is a good chance that these encounters will have a lasting duration. This is especially true if your birthday is September 28 - October 6 and October 14 - 23.

If you were born October 16 - 20 there may be difficulties related to family matters... either an illness or a family member has moved. Either way, a possible sadness. There is a possibility that someone is undermining you. Be honest in your financial dealings and try not to fall behind on financial obligations. Know who you can trust and stay away from people trying to control you.

If your birthday is October 15 - 20 your life circumstance may change, possibly because someone is ill, which requires an adjustment in your lifestyle. It is a good year to heal old wounds, whether it be parent and child or between lovers or friends.


Health improves. It is possible that you experienced issues with blockage of arteries or skin, nails or teeth in the past couple years. This should at least lesson if not disappear as year goes on. It is a good year to get active to increase vitality.

It is also important to be self disciplined. Find a balance between being comfortable, taking care of your body and not spending too much money. This also applies to romance and sexuality. Opportunity is there, but be wise about your decisions.

Health issues are especially important if your birthday is October 16 - 20 and most likely long term ailments have been building up. It is good to get a check up and get it taken care of this year. It is important that if you feel an ailment you get it looked at right away. This is a good year to deal with it and move towards healing. There is a lot of energy in cosmos to aid in healing whether it be physical or relational.


March 4 - April 6 and April 14 - 22
This is a high energy time. It is a great time to initiate a project.
September 1 - 9
A good time to make money. It is important that YOU are in charge.
October 29 - November 9
A good time to implement new marketing strategies. Communication is stressed.
November 26 - December 6
Profitable phase. You are peticularly persuasive.


April 7 - 13
Possible jealousy could try to sabotage, your work is good, but watch your back.
May 7 - June 10
Possible frequent conflicts. A boss could be overly harsh. Try not to take it personally. Mercury is retrograde May 29 - June 22. Miscommunication is more likely. Don't let it get to you. Stay focused.
September 14 - October 4
This is not a good time to make financial decisions. Prevent debt traps. Mercury is retrograde. Make sure what is said is what you hear. Miscommunication likely.

Scorpios start out strong. Most Scorpios are at their best during times of crisis. 2020 has brought out your best and strongest side. In 2021 you will continue to benefit from the cosmic signature formed by the powerful Pluto, imaginative Neptune, and innovative Uranus. This will have a powerful effect over you the next 3 - 4 years and implies that your mind is very sharply focused. This is a time of powerful organization and productivity for many of you.

Pluto remains in a powerful sextile giving you great influence in your surroundings, whether they be at work, at home or social gatherings.

Neptune continues to be in a powerful trine to your sun activating your romantic and gentle side. Very possibly there will be romance and travel. Others tend to put you on a pedestal. This will work fine as long as you are trustworthy.

Uranus, in the opposite sign of Taurus, suggest many unexpected events. It could bring about disruptions or changes in your place of work as well as personal and professional relationships.

Lilith also has a noteworthy effect on you. It is in your opposite sign promising the prospect of a new relationship until July 18. Because Lilith is close to Uranus, its effect will be sudden and possibly take you out of your comfort zone. It may mirror certain behavioral patterns you may unconsciously carry.

In this way Lilith can nudge you to look at yourself with different eyes.

Jupiter and Saturn are making a square to your sun some time this year. Beware of taking on more responsibilities than you can handle. This may cause moments of personal crisis. Others who may not have the work ethics that you have may push you to the limit and cause you to take on more responsibilities. Stop. Take care of yourself. Balance self care with workload.

The alignment of planets Saturn and Jupiter are part of the new world or Great Mutation that changes the way we all operate in our lives. This will force upon you a need to change. Let go of some of your old ideas and behaviors. Processes will change. It is imperative that you become more flexible if you are to be innovative during this time. If you do not learn to bend you will break.

Chiron is on your side, helping you to be aware of your healing process whether it be on a psychological or physical level. Chiron gives you the opportunity to see your life differently, bringing you new methods of healing for yourself and others.


This year you continue to profit from a great marketing vision and advertising skills. You also are very strong in your ability to console and help others. Your ability to listen to others will assist you with both your clients and your supervisors. This is especially true for those born November 9 - 15.

Your biggest asset is your ability to organize. You can use your focus to get things done. Research and organization is especially powerful for those born November 15 - 19.

Those born October 28 - November 6 find it especially important to find a team they can work with... that will work as hard as they work. They may need to start over to find people who are reliable and trustworthy.

For many of the Scorpios, you may discover that you really prefer to work from home predominately.

This may be because you feel like an outcast in the workplace or the energy in general is not supportive. This may be a turning point which brings about crucial changes in you and people around you.

Watch your finances, especially if you are born October 29 - November 6. Unexpected and costly expenses may arise in 2021. This is why it is not advised for you to take on any financial risks. This may be difficult for you as you seek to grow financially. Listen to your intuition.


Especially those born November 9 - 15, this is probably a year of love and romance. Traveling to romantic spots is definitely on your TO DO list. Neptune in a wonderful trine brings you romance and travel. It is very possible it could mean not only a relationship but a relationship that is deeply fulfilling. Those born between October 22 - 26 may also experience this between May and July and then again later in the year.

If you have children they may be excited in developing their artistic or musical talent.

Uranus opposes Scorpio this year so it is highly possible that relationships break up and start erratically as well.

At the same time, Jupiter and Saturn are causing tension as well. This will likely mean that you have many opportunities for both work and love relationships, however, they come with growing pains. With the right attitude of realizing you have something to learn, the relationships can be lasting. It is helpful when roles and expectations are clearly defined. It is a time to know who you are and what you really want... but opportunities abound.

Those born October 28 - November 6 especially may be headed for extreme makeovers in the relationships and individually. The big question is, "What do you REALLY want?"

During the first half of the year Lilith will be in your solar 7th house along with Uranus. This may mean exciting new quick relationships. It is wise to wait until the later part of 2021 before making any long term commitments.

Especially those born November 15 - 19, you may have an intense relationship that can transform your life and self awareness... especially in November and December 2021.


With all the excitement going on, the main thing to watch is exhaustion, overwork... too much.

It may be a year you discover you need to change your eating habits for better health. It is a good year to practice moderation... whether it is working too hard, playing too hard, or sitting around too much.

Uranus opposite your sun gives a warning to be cautious as accidents are more probable. Keep your focus and be moderate.

The positive energy of Chiron suggest it is a year of personal growth and awareness. You may find that you may have to change yourself... and are willing to change to be in a committed relationship. You may realize committed relationships are beneficial to your health.


March 14 - 21
This is a good time to negotiate deals and financial agreements. It is important to embrace new ideas and abandon fixed points of view. Your ability to solve problems in a new way is strong.
April 23 - May 31
A very productive and innovative time. You may need power naps or meditation to keep you from overloading yourself.
July 31 through August
Despite the tense atmosphere, you can benefit financially by trading, speculation, and unexpected profit. It is through someone tipping you off.
August 9 - September 10
The puzzle is fitting together and you're seeing a new future. You work better with a team. Do not try to go it alone. Seek co-operation with others. August 17 - 21 is a good time to take risks.
November 21 - December 3
Your intuition is strong. You can now understand other peoples' point of view. You can be understanding and yet shrewd in your business dealings.


January 9 - February 21
Time of conflict and disagreements likely. Try not to see it as an attack and be open. Mercury is retrograde January 30 - February 21; communication is often muddled then.
June 23 - July 8
Pay special attention to your body and its need to rejuvenate. Keep calm. It's going to work out. Stay levelheaded.
September 10 - 18
Do not overspend right now. Do not indulge in expensive clothing or trips. You are going to need that money.
November 6 - 19
You tend to be more aggressive during this time. Hold off. Be careful. Wait.

When Jupiter and Saturn moved into Aquarius December 2020, it marked a shift in the lives of Sagittarius people. Last year was a year of deep reflection. In 2021 you open your eyes with a new plan. This year there is hope for more clarity in your life. Your task is to define a path that is meaningful and to make new connections.

Neptune's energy remains a challenge. Being in your solar 4th house, it could mean problems with plumbing. On a personal level, Neptune in Pisces squares your sun. One possible outcome would be involvement with unhealthy or confusing relationships. Emotionally, you may feel disconnected and empty in your relationships. On the positive side, you can see this as an opportunity to find peace and balance within yourself and let your inner guide take over.

This Neptune tension may make you feel uncertain of where to go in work; you may feel invisible as if no one sees your talent and gifts.

The placement of Chiron is supportive to you this year. Crisis or situations will arise allowing you to connect with other people in similar situations as you. You feel comforted through helping them.

If you do therapeutic work Chiron may find new avenues to approach your clients that you may not have thought of before. Chiron is in Aries, a complementary fire sign. Aries brings in new creative energy for healing.

The moons north node in Gemini continues to be in your seventh house. This puts the spotlight on your personal relationships. Especially during the eclipses this year, you will be magnetically drawn to certain people. Having this attention on your relationships can aid you in having deeper more meaningful connections.

The wild goddess in Lilith is activated for you from July 18 - April 22, 2022. This brings an adventurous spirit enabling you to meet provocative and creative people. Lilith puts us in touch with deep authentic emotions and instincts. This might be for you deep fears you have about your relationships that you have pushed deep into the recess of your mind. These adventures within yourself may open up realizations of yourself you haven't seen before.

Although Sagittariians are reaching out this year they also remain in a very healing reflective state of mind.

It is important for you right now to have a worthy goal... a project to work on since the solid planet Saturn is at your back right now. Ideas are happening in your head. It is a good time to set goals as you can make it happen without much struggle. Structure and a schedule is important to you on many levels. If you are working on a project right now, it is likely that you will receive recognition from your peers. This is especially true if you are born November 27 - December 6.

Those born December 13 - 21 make sure you have a good car as you will be taking a lot of short trips as it relates to work. With Neptune at a sharp square to your sun, beware of being seduced from spending your money needlessly. If you have repairs on your home, take more than one estimate.

Generally, many Sagittarius people may feel lost right now... unclear about what to do and where to go. It is frustrating to work with dishonest people. Dishonesty is on the table... either for you or from you. In work agreements of any kind... get it in writing. Those born December 9 - 15 need to be especially aware.

For those born November 27 - December 7 the planet Uranus (who is full of surprises) will be knocking at your door. Expect changes in your life and it will be all around you. The behavior of people around you will change. Try to flow with it. Some of the changes in your environment will be positive. Do your best to adjust to new and unexpected circumstances.

For some of you, the two solar eclipses of the year will have a strong influence. It is like an era of who you were in relationships comes to an end and a new attitude (or a new relationship starts in 2022).

A very strong relationship forms with someone you fell like you have known a long time. It may or may not be romantic. It will be easy to connect and will last a long time. The eclipse on June 10 in Gemini will start in March until mid 2022 and will effect mostly people born December 7 - 15.

The eclipse of December 4 is in Sagittarius will be effective from about September 2021 until the end of 2022. Those most effected at this time are those born November 30 - December 8.

Love and Relationships

It is a year of new friends, possibly powerful connections both personally and professionally.

Possibility of meeting new people while on trips or going to school. Rekindling old friendships is also likely, especially those born November 27 - December 6 and December 13 - 21.

Neptune, however, can throw you a curveball causing you to trust unreliable people. This is most true for those born December 9 - 15. It is useful to check your references before getting too involved, personally and professionally.

This is a year you figure out what is important in a relationship... sometimes after being involved with someone who isn't who you thought they were.

There is a strong possibility that you make a connection at church, or a yoga retreat or another organization that involves spiritual growth. You get more in touch with what kind of people you want to surround yourself with.

The second half of the year , goddess Lilith provides intensely emotional encounters you find interesting and transforming. They can get you in touch with a very deep part of yourself. You may be more fulfilled in a relationship than you ever have before. This may be a new relationship or an old relationship taken to a deeper level. It may also be a time that you discover that you want to break free as you feel very fulfilled within yourself.

If it is a new encounter, take it slow. Take time to learn about each other before becoming intimate.

The eclipses June 10 and December 4 will show you new insights into how you do relationships and what you REALLY want. The effect of the eclipse begins three months before the actual eclipse and last until the end of 2022.

Health and Vitality

With both Jupiter and Saturn making positive aspects to your sun (sextile) there are several factors indicating good health and potential improvements, especially in terms of lungs, respiratory and motor functions. It is a great year for exercising and walking with friends. Not only does it increase your vitality, but it puts you in touch with new friends and possibly lovers. You become aware of the importance of positive thinking on your health. Writng and communication become very important to you this year as well.

Difficulties in health may be dizziness and infections due to Neptune squaring your sun. You may feel overly tired. Take care of your feet. Keep them clean of fungus. Pay attention to your vision.

Overall, Neptune squaring sun can bring about ill health that is mysterious and unsolvable. It is a year to get a second or third opinion. Protect yourself with a good exercise routine, nutritional food, plenty of rest and a positive attitude.

Chiron, the healing planet continues to help you heal any self doubts of any new projects you may be incurring. There is a healing through experiencing the pure joy of life. This along with north node in your solar 7th house brings hope of new and strengthened relationships this year that lasts. Sounds like fun!


February 26 - March 15
Lucrative financial dealings. Possible heated discussions, however, positive results.
June 11 - July 29
Very high energy, adventurous time. Wonderful new contacts possible.
September 3 - 9
Favorable for court cases or making lucrative transitions.
September 15 - 26
Great time to socialize. May meet new unusual acquaintances. New contacts flourish. Old contacts reunited. Could all happen through technology.
October 28 - November 5
Strengthening of relationships old and new, personal and business.


January 4 - 31
Stressful interactions with friends. Mercury retrograde January 30 - February 21 causing misunderstanding.
April 5 - 12
Expectations could be too high. Important to not be too extravagant or make Promises you can't keep. If you can keep that in mind April 11 can be very positive personally and professionally.
August 28- September 17
Could be irritable. Possibility of people keeping important information from you. Ground yourself. Do not over exert. Pay attention to details. Take care of yourself. Watch your driving.

The last few years have been challenging times. Many of you have achieved many accomplishments, however, you are likely to feel a bit worn out by last year's tribulations. This year should be easier.

Some of you have had great success which will continue for three more years with Pluto remaining in your sun sign of Capricorn. Most of you have had your entire life change, from residency to career to relationships. Now you have come out as a much more powerful force in the community. You are now a driving force for better or worse.

Neptune remains in a gentility sextile to your sun for the next four years, having been there the last eight years. This influence makes you a romantic. It also gives you a gentle and kind demeanor.

Uranus is in the third year of a seven year harmonious aspect of your sun. You are ahead of your time. Your ideas are exciting to be around. You have magnetism. This is a good year for you in media work as well as using new technology.

Until July 18, this tendency is intensified by the transit of the goddess Lilith. She is in harmony with you now. This can lead to exciting sensuous relationships. This energy is also powerful for great works if you are an artist.

Jupiter and Saturn are moving into your solar second house. You make more money. You spend more money. You challenge then is to keep these two in harmony. This conjunction of these two planets in Aquarius bring in a new age of technology. It may be your role to build a new foundation for upcoming innovations.

Chiron continues a challenging aspect for the next four years. This means you may often feel pushed to your limits physically and psychologically. The big lesson is to develop a more loving relationship with yourself. There may also be conflicts with authority and/ or the relationship with your father.


Many of you have started a foundation in the last three years. Continue to build what you have started on. This is a part of your legacy, so just work on developing it further and success will come to you, especially for people born between December 27 - January 6. You are commanding a lot of attention. Stay focused.

What you do now is a big part of how you will be remembered for the rest of your life.

Those born between January 1 - 17, there is a bit of a power struggle in the workplace that you must deal with. It is important to learn to work with this work partner. You need to decide whether this relationship is important to your success or if you should end it and take a new direction. This may be a time to reassess your goals and means to achieve it.

For those born January 8 - 14 it is especially important to you to realize that others look up to you. You give excellent advice. People are listening to you. This is a year of empathy for you. Your friend are lucky to have you.

For all Capricorns, this is a year you may encounter tensions at work. You may have to reassess your work procedure. There could be a woman at work on your team who needs to leave because of maternity or some other reason that may cause a reshuffle of how the team operates. It could also mean new people joining the group who may seem a bit odd but inspiring. That may stir things up a bit.

The readjustment... whatever it is will lead to greater success.

Most of you are making more money. There may be certain health issues that need your attention or other situations that cause you to reassess your income. It is important that you put some money aside; build up a reserve. You may need to buy new technology for your work... and this might be fine. Just know there are upcoming expenses you will need to account for.


Both romantic and friendships abound. You are at a very high level of magnetism.

There are many opportunities to flirt and mingle... and make new connections. You have a renewed sense of physical and mental energy. It is a great year to socialize. This is especially true if you are born between December 27 - January 6. There are certain relationships that push you beyond your comfort zone. This is both scary and exciting. Your wilder and more hidden side comes to the surface the first half of the year.

It is especially true of people born January 8 - 14 that your relationship takes you to a deep spiritual level. Your heart opens up to a deeper union. This may be your current partner or someone new.

Especially those born between December 21 - 25 - Opportunities for travel and romance open up to you between May and July.

The effect of Chiron hints of challenges related to your family... peticularly father. This is also a time to have a better understanding of your relationship with authority and to heal any problems of the past.

Perhaps you may connect to your own limitations as well as theirs. You could be a part of a powerful relationship but having a hard time learning important compromises needed for its survival. Some situations may arise that keep you apart that will test you. You are very sensitive to rejection and yet you may project so much power that others are afraid you will reject them. This is especially true for those born between January 13 - 17.

The last two months of 2021 may evoke powerful emotions. The intensity could be romantic... could be traumatic. Focus on staying centered through good times and bad. Stay true to your convictions.


Overall health is fairly good, although, some Capricorns born between January 13 - 17 may experience structural problems requiring removals or surgery. This may be tumors, dental, or skin. There is also a focus on prostrate, genitals, and possibly heart.

It is important to note that your healing power is strong so if these are detected early enough you will be all right. Keep striving for personal fulfillment. Joy and pleasure support health. Be sure to express yourself authentically. This will bring powerful energy into everything you do.

A big part of your health this year has to do with self love. Have a vision of who you are and who you want to be. It is a time to take stock of self image and internal acceptance and growth. If you want to lose weight this is a favorable time to do it as it is a time of self respect and self discipline.

It is also a time of healing in family relationships... to be aware of other people's limitations as well as your own. It may be a time to reassess what is important to you.


January 15 - 29
It is a powerful and productive time.
February 22 - March 4
You have great persuasive powers.
July 29 - August 9
Keep a notepad handy as you have many ideas. This is a productive time. Money can be made.
November 15 - December 8
New unpredictable opportunities financially. This opportunity could come in trading.


January 10 - 14
You are full of optimism. However this is not a time to take risks as you will have unforeseen expenses in the near future.
May 6 - June 23
Time of more frequent opposition and miscommunication.
September 27 - October 25
Mercury is retrograde. If you have to sign contracts, read them twice.

Aquarius is what it's all about this year. At the end of 2020 there was an alignment of planets in Aquarius. From that, Jupiter and Saturn remain in Aquarius for the next year. Whenever Saturn aligns with Jupiter it introduces a whole new lifestyle. For you, it is about thinking of your personal identity. Do you want to take on new responsibilities? At what cost will it come to the people in your life now? Is it too much to sacrifice? It will mean a new lifestyle... both personally and professionally.

Aquarius energy is about breaking new ground and abandoning old ways of thinking. It is fixed energy, therefore, you are wanting to put down a sustainable structure that you can work with in the future.

Uranus, one of the rulers of Aquarius, is in a square to Aquarius being in Taurus for the next four years. This will bring up unexpected events as well as unexpected opportunities that may change your original plan. It may mean you have to go back to school... perhaps to learn new technical skills. It could mean a change in residency.

Along with reinventing yourself comes a re-examination of your relationship. Whether you stay together or not, one thing is certain, it cannot be a continuation of the way things have been. There is a rocky period for the next 1 - 4 years depending on your birthday.

The wild goddess Lilith is also squaring your sun putting you in a situation where you have to deal with people and events that challenge or provoke you. Feelings you may have had in the past but never expressed come to the surface. *Take note: The second half of the year Lilith makes a more harmonious connection with you and life becomes easier.

To offset this, Chiron makes a positive aspect to your sun. Chiron is healing energy and will help you to work through and have new insights into both emotional and physical issues.


This is a year of big opportunities and challenges. Certainly a year of change. Opportunities may require you to learn more technology. Insights you have recently gained makes you think twice about what you really want. This is your 2021.

It definitely is a year to see opportunities to make more money. If you are in sales, profits are very likely to go up.

If you are salaried, chances are you are promoted. Likelihood for increased income is especially strong for those born February 10 - 19.

With Jupiter in Aquarius it is also plausible that you might do more traveling... for all Aquarians.

Saturn, also in Aquarius, brings added responsibility... either coming from self or authorities. It is a time for reassessment on who you are and what is most important to you. Another challenge Saturn makes is that you must arrive on time and you must meet your deadlines.

For those born January 25 - February 3 there is a special need to balance work, social life, exercise, and work... and rest.


Both opportunities and responsibilities come this year for Aquarians. It is a great year to begin a new project, assuming you first do self examination of what you really want. Relationships within the family test you this year. A commitment will be asked of you. If you answer yes to it, it will cause a change of lifestyle. If you answer no there will likely be a separation and parting of ways.

If you were born between February 10 - 19 it is most likely that there is a birth or marriage in the family. With this comes possible travel and much socializing.

If you were born between January 25 - February 4 it is important to really watch what you say to people about others as this may come back to you and cause embarrassment. People in your household may desire more freedom which provides food for thought as you are a lover of freedom as well. You may discover aspects of yourself you did not know exist.

If you are single, this may be an exciting year to meet new people, especially of a different culture. While the interest is sparked quickly it is advised to take it slowly or it will fizzle as quickly as it started.

If you are in a committed relationship, chances are you will be challenged this year. It is important to develop patience as both of you are going through monumental changes in this relationship. Eventually certain decisions will have to be made. It is important to be honest about how you feel.

The first half of the year, the wild goddess Lilith emphasizes these tendencies. This energy may make you feel more radical and less compromising. January is especially trying for you. If you can be patient and adjust your needs with one another, making friendship and understanding are paramount, you can get through. Otherwise, there may be a parting of ways as you drift in opposite directions.


As you are being pulled in opposite directions... opportunities and responsibilities, it is important that you find balance in your life. Find a way to balance stress in your life. Especially watch the heart. It is also suggested that health problems could be that of a parent or a parent figure.

Other than that, pay attention to your skin, bones and joints. This is also a time to watch your posture. These are all areas touched when Saturn is by your sun sign this year and 2022. Simple measures like taking breaks and doing yoga are important.

Jupiter is also in Aquarius this year. Jupiter's effect is great vitality and should give you an overall boost of confidence. The issue with Jupiter on your sun can be weight gain.

The answer then is to be aware of your lifestyle and be conscious of what you eat and how you move. There will be several challenges as well as opportunities. It is helpful to have a time and place to withdraw and get centered on a regular basis.


February 24 - March 4
Beneficial financial benefits. Possible unexpected income.
March 4 - April 23
Creative period. Ready to take on new project.
October 20 - November 5
You are inventive, optimistic, and powerful.
December 16 - 31
People listen to you. Decision making is sound.


Possible tug-of-war going on where no one wins.
June 2 - 12
Be very conservative with money. Read small print. Miscommunication.
June 27 - July 5
You feel you are treated unfairly. Watch dead lines.
July 25 - August 2
A time of disputes. Stay objective. Not a good time for court.
November 2 - 21
Tendency to be more aggressive than usual or people are aggressive towards you. Possible change at work that causes upheaval.

Neptune will be at home in Pisces for another five years. This continues to activate your imagination. At best you are inspirational in the arts and romanticism. At its worst you are worrisome and quick to feel a victim of your surroundings.

As new technology comes in with the alignment of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius, your artistic ability may involve more technology. New technology is a marriage of intuition and scientific knowledge.

Pluto continues to support you for the next three years. It is a good time to make powerful contributions to your community. Your ideals have the capacity to become realized now.

Uranus in Taurus gives a sextile of support for another four years. This activates an inventive mind with ideas that are truly inspirational. It is a time when you naturally "think outside the box."

Lilith may escort in taboo issues that raise your awareness of your feelings especially for those of you who are writers. This presence may make you more irritable as well and less inclined than usual to be there for others.

Jupiter briefly enters Pisces May - July and then re-enters December 28 and then for the year 2022. This ushers in a new 12 year high, bringing in more financial gain and popularity.

Chiron in Aries challenges you to look at your self-esteem as well as your relationship with money. It has the purpose to defend your values even when it is uncomfortable. You will find that when you do this in a kind and direct manner it will make you feel stronger and more fulfilled.

With the north node in your solar 4th house you may want to have children. For those who are older, this may bring in a grandchild. This especially pertains to those who have Pisces rising.


Sensitive Pisces who can relax will be inspired during this time. Those that are taken over by fear will find it difficult. If one can surround themselves by support, this can be a very profitable time.

Especially those born March 8 - 14 may find it helpful to be in nature in order to do their best work. Listening to music may also soothe the nerves as well as yoga and meditation. Right now it is especially important to be around positive people.

Uranus makes a positive aspect to your sun, especially if you are born February 24 - March 7. This is a time of great success. It is a good year to trust your intuition and try new approaches that you've never done before. Technology will play a bigger role in your success.

This is also a good year to create a patent for new inventions, perhaps a new appliance or software app. It is a time to work with new people to open your horizons.

Liluths influence, the first half of the year is exceptional for those of you that work with writing or giving talks. The second half of the year you are peticular about only doing projects that are authentic to what you believe.

If you are born between March 14 - 18,Pluto is especially strong this year. Pluto's support will widen your audience appeal. You will find that you have the ability to make an impact on the masses.If you can stay focused on your goal it is likely for you to find success.

Jupiter brings luck to you this year, especially May through July as it briefly moves into the sign Pisces. This may be a good time to seek new employment or do something else to increase your income.

If you are born between February 18 - 23 it is a good year to raise your rates and receive higher earnings for the work you do. Taking a class may also help you to be in a position for higher earnings.

Financially this year seems to work out in an excellent way for you. Chirons role in this is that you should insist on a getting a greater compensation for your work. This may feel uncomfortable because you like to be liked by everyone, or you would rather focus on the work, however, you can now change your relationship to money. Allow yourself to be more prosperous.

All Pisceans are lucky with money this year, whether it be through investments or in the work you do.


With the planet Neptune in Pisces, romance and travel plans predominate. After we get through this pandemic glitch, you will be able to get to some romantic get always.

If you were born March 8 - 14 you are inclined to travel by water or spend time on a wonderful island.

Your interest in different cultures will likely be aroused.

Beware of having limits, as some of you may have trouble saying "no." There may be misunderstandings in matters of the heart. Stay true to the one you love.

Those born February 24 - March 5 are especially effected by Uranus bringing in new people who are exciting and bring in new ideas. Chemistry is strong... and perhaps with someone you may not have been attracted to before.

Until July 18 Lilith travels with Uranus. This combination opens you up to talk about things you usually keep to yourself. You are curious to see how others react and what they have to say. In the second half of the year, Lilith makes a tense aspect to your sun. You may snub others with your new found freedom. Family members may challenge you.

The powerful planet of Pluto is in your area of friendship. Pluto favors powerful, long term relationships. There could be someone who works well with you and you are also physically drawn to.

You appreciate the relationship yet at the same time value your freedom. This is especially true if you were born March 14 - 18.

When Jupiter goes into Pisces May - July you are most likely to connect with someone special. It could very well be on a trip you are taking. Those of you who are single but in a relationship may get engaged or have the joy of a new child. This is especially true for those born February 18 - 22.


Overall 2021 looks like a good year for Pisces. Romance and travel. Good prospects for financial growth... all good stuff that should raise your spirits. Neptune being in Pisces could ignite some problems of tiredness, anemia or foggy brain. If this is the case, have your blood checked. You may also need to pay attention to your feet and any sign of fungus or rashes. It is important this year, especially times of Mercury retrograde, as outlined earlier, that you get a second diagnosis and double check medications to be sure that they are correct.

With Saturn in your solar 12th house, you may see troubles bigger than they really are. It is a year to practice faith over fear. It is also important this year to connect with society and feel you make a valuable contribution.

This year Chiron, the healing planet, activates your second house of material affairs and self worth. This may bring up issues of feeling worthless, perhaps because you challenge your values, or your ability to make money, or your body (all 2nd house traits). You have the energy and thought to work through these issues this year.


January 13 - March 3
Open your mind to new ideas. Your intuition is right on. *Mercury retrograde effects. January 20 - February 21 During this time keep to yourself. Then make a presentation.
April 23 - May 18
You have great creative powers to come up with creative ideas.
July 12 - 25
Your timing is good. Intuition strong.
November 20 - December 11
This is a phase of full momentum. It is a great time to network.


March 20 - 28
You have a strong tendency to be annoyed.
May 19 - June 4
Be careful making financial decisions. Mercury is retrograde May 29 - June 22.
July 28 - August 5
Do not have high expectations. Others may try to take advantage of you. Avoid court.
August 27 - September 7
People may mistrust you at this time. Be well prepared for questions in advance.
December 27 - January 4, 2021
Watch out for scams. Do not overspend.

This is a very skeletal explanation of what people can expect in 2020 based on their sun sign. To have a more detailed reading based on your natal chart that tells me where all the planets were at the time you were born please contact me at (616) 916-0121 or by using the form link below. This is your west Michigan astrologer Karen Klemp.

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