What's New in 2022

Karen Klemp

Astrological forecast for each sign is based on the celestial positions of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and the north node of the moon. Where these planets are in relation to each constellation (sun sign)tells a story for the year. I also look at Chiron and the goddess of the black moon, Lilith. Forecasts are not predictions, but rather an observation of probability based on history of previous years when the planets were in this relationship with each other.

The following information for 2022 as it effects each sun sign is based on how each constellation is positioned in relationship to Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. How each sun sign is effected by planetoids Chiron and goddess of the black moon Lilith is also mentioned. All of these cosmic forces are in a dance creating various energy through out the year. How they effect your sun sign is what this brief forecast for each astrological sign is all about.

There are many favorable times this year for Aries. The lucky planet Jupiter enters Aries Kmart 10 2022 until October 27 2022. Through out the year Jupiter goes into Aries ...then back to Pisces and back to Aries again. During the time Jupiter is in Aries there are new friendships to be made and career opportunities. Aries must remember to not be too indulgent, however, but if approached with practicality, there can be much good fortune.

With Saturn being at a good angle also, long term and lasting relationships may also be formed as well as long term career gains. The planet Saturn brings endurance.

The first quarter of the year Mars is also ina favorable position to Aries too. This gives health and vitality it may also favorable for buying a new car. Good relationships with siblings are indicated as well.

Pluto, still challenging you has been on a difficult position for quite some time it is advisable to be out in the open and above board in all business matters as well as secrets about you. This threat of being undermined is at the end of its 15 year challenge.

It is your year to excel in work as your health improves and you are feeling stronger especially after May 2. If you do not like your current employment there is opportunity for change or a promotion.Your work is apt to involve travel. This is especially true for those born between March 20-30.

Finances have an excellent year this year as well as 2023.Well thought out risks can pay off in the next couple years.....as long as you think it through. The best time for business dealings are March 6- April 14 andAugust 20 2022- March 25 2023.

With Uranus still in Taurus the only thing you can absolutely count on is surprises. Uranus is the planet of unpredictability. It is also the planet of independence and originality. This year not only is Uranus in Taurus, but the moons north node. This combination can light up your charisma this year. This could entail a new position in society as well as new connections to reach your goals, especially for this entails making money.

Most Taureans by nature, like routines, however, this may be disruptive to that. It could be a challenge to discover a new routine. Friends or lovers may be doing things that are outside your ability to control, forcing you to be flexible and adapt to circumstances.

North node is the event of eclipses. The first solar eclipse is April 30 and will mostly effect people born between April 25 - May 5. The second solar eclipse takes place October 25 2022 and impacts those born April 20 - 27. During these times you may experience a shift in your career, residence or relationship that is major. Because the north node of these eclipses are in Taurus, it is likely that these changes, though possible stressful will be the best situation in the long run.

The best period for business activities is between January 24 -March 6 as you will be able to confidently assert yourself. March6 -April 14 it is not wise to confront others. July 5 -August20 is a time you most likely receive recognition for your work. Most importantly, stay centered during 2022 as it will be a year of changes.

Romantic relationships may most likely happen suddenly and will turn your world upside down especially before May 11 and then again in November and December as Jupiter will be making a positive aspect to Uranus.Though relationships may come suddenly, they could be long term. To ensure a steady relationship, try to slow down and take it slow. Those born between May 11 - 16 are especially receptive to finding a soulmate rather than a quick short term relationship.

January 30- March 5 is the best time to pursue a new relationship or revive an old one.

The year shows favorable trends in health, however, the changes might bring on random itches and pains until stabilized. It is advised ,therefore, to avoid stressful situations whenever possible.

Uranus can bring stress on the body if the energy is not released through excercise.

Cation also is given this spring 2022 to matters of the head, whether it be teeth, eyes or headache. Again seek to stay centered and get enough exercise.

Chiron, the wounded healer, is in your solar 12th house and May intensify your need to help people. This may be an act of giving blood or being more charitable to those in need.

Mars enters Gemini August 20,2022 and remains there until March 2023. This entire period helps you in new endeavors.You have enthusiasm and your mental skills are sharp. It is also important to keep in mind that even though Mars is in Gemini during this period it goes retrograde( appears to be moving backwards) October30 2022 - January12,2023. During this time some "slow downs" are likely to occur.....people getting sick or for some reason activities do not go as scheduled. Don't get overwhelmed as you still have a lot of energy behind your projects....just stay with it. Beware of trying to do too much which can set you back and give you headaches.

Neptune remaining in difficult angle to your sun challenges trust issues in relationships. It is especially important to be honest and forth-rite in your dealings offering full disclosure in dealing with others lest they think there are secrets you are keeping. Otherwise you may find yourself in awkward and embarrassing situations.

Saturn is in a favorable aspect this year to Gemini. This relationship promotes responsibility and integrity. As Neptune is in a difficult angle and Saturn is in a positive angle you may find relationships that are stable and trustworthy while others that are always looking over your shoulder wondering if you are trying to cheat them...or you to them.

Challenging dates for you in 2022 are January 1-9. There may be an instance where you feel provoked for your professional ideas. ( let it go)

January 30- February 10 you are really thinking about long term goals. Do you want to retire early?

Do you want to branch out more in your business? It is a good time to be clear of your future so there is less stress down the road.

May 11-28 marks an especially good time to benefit from your connections. It's a good time to talk to people to get new ideas on how improve in finances. This is a time to ESTABLISH connections but it is not time to implement. Resist any temptation to move too quickly.Do your research first.

July 5-August 19 You May lack energy to get down to business. It's a good time to take a vacation.

Overall, this is a year to act slowly with research and consideration. Don't move too quickly.

It is a year to make important contacts that will benefit you for many years.

This year is looking brighter after having worked hard for the last twelve years to get it under control. Your home situation is more stabl and some of you may have made money in real estate.

Both planets Neptune and Uranus give favorable aspects to cancer. and will for the next 3 - 4 years. Uranus creates new ideas and Neptune in a favorable aspect brings magnetism. New people will be drawn to you that will help you to achieve your goals.

Jupiter in the first half of the year is in Pisces ,ruler of Neptune, will further attract you to others and promote financial gain.

Eclipses this year as well May encourage financial gain.

Even the asteroid Lilith is there be in Cancer that also increases charisma as she encourages you to express your ability to be intimate with others. Cancer charisma can however be moody and perhaps uncompromising. When you don't get your way you may withdraw into your shell.

Pluto remains in opposition for another three years, however, it is late degree, so depending on your exact birthday, you may have left her energy that brings power struggles in relationships. From December 2021 until March 2022 this energy is peticularly difficult in matters of finance and relationships. ( Venus)

Chiron, the healing planet, asks you to overcome your fear of being vulnerable. Chiron challenges you to act out of authenticity rather than pleasing other people.

The influence of Uranus in a positive angle suggests that financial gain comes through technology as well as promotion through technology. Especially those born betweenJuly 1-11 success comes through working in groups that can further marketing your cause.

There is caution of being taken advantage of between January 1 and March6. Unfortunately just because you like someone doesn't necessarily mean you can trust them. It is wise to hold off on new business partnerships til March 2022.

Business picks up March 10 - 26. New training or schooling will be possible to further your career.

Romantic relationships flourish with plenty of opportunities to enjoy family.

Wild Lilith is in your own sign starting April 15 through the rest of the year. This may awaken desires you have been suppressing to maintain peace. She is the goddess of the black moon who encourages you to do things you've always wanted to do. This is also the influence that makes one headstrong.

Overall it's a pretty exciting year of romance and financial gain.

Key phrase. BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR.. It come with more demands than what you planned. Saturn in the opposite sign Aquarius indicates a peak in life of what others demand of you.

Situations arise that you did not expect.

You also need to create balance in your life at this time. Take care to not exhaust yourself in trying to please everyone while still trying to accomplish your personal goals.

It's that unpredictable planet Uranus that is in a difficult angle to your sun. This influence can also cause blow-ups as you are in need of more independence than what you are given in your personal relationship. You may wish for them to adjust to your pursuits and they are just not willing to do that.

Starting May 10 -October 27 Jupiter will be in Aries. This can correspond with new activities, new friends and new opportunities that may be really fun.

Chiron in a favorable position gives you new insight in spiritual growth. It gives you the opportunity to heal old wounds. You may feel like you are being understood for the first time.

Mars will be in an energetic aspect after August 30 giving you greater vitality than what you experience the first half of the year.

The goddess of the black moon Lilith communicates to you through dreams giving you a deep spiritual understanding. Consider her your inner shaman to help you understand yourself.

With Saturn opposite your sun, a situation or your career comes to a pinnacle. You accomplished getting towards the end of your journey...or at least this part....which was not easy. Demands that others place on you seem unreasonable.You must watch your health among all of this. It is especially true to those born August 10 -18.

The other major challenge is Uranus and the eclipses as they both bring unexpected circumstances that force you to adjust to changing times.

In conclusion, there are many challenges for Leo in getting what they want in the way they want it, however, in the process opportunities present themselves for great spiritual growth and understanding of oneself.

Since 2008 you have been empowered by Pluto. Since then you have discovered personal empowerment. With Pluto joining Pluto December 21 2021 to March 3 2022 you have found relationships to be extremely intense....whether professionally or romantic.

Neptune being in the opposite sign, Pisces, for the last 14 years, and will be for another 3, brings perhaps confusion and miscalculations in relationships. This goes both ways in what you project as well as what you receive. For this reason it is paramount that you are very HONEST in all relationships, as there is a tendency for people to misconstrue your intentions. You must also ask yourself " Did I do something to lose this persons trust?"

Uranus, like Pluto makes a positive relationship with Virgo.This will be ongoing until 2026. This is a seven year influence. Uranus brings excitement into your life. Ideas come to you that are innovative.

With north node now joining in 2022 financial gains are likely. It also becomes easier to let go of past hurts in relationships this year., as Uranus brings independence and a belief in oneself.

Saturns relationship to Virgo is a quincunx which simply means there are often delays in your planning,however, this can be a good thing as it may allow you to rethink the situation. These adjustments may lead to a better outcome.

Chiron makes an ambivalent aspect as well. Chiron is healing energy. For Virgos it may give them a great yearning to heal a relationship of the past.....both personal and professional. Often the issue is mutual appreciation. The question then is: How can I show my support for this other person. It is the realization that this attitude will support and promote both of you in the future.

Jupiter is in your opposite sign of Pisces December 29 - May 10 2022. There may be opportunity in business or romance to start a new relationship. Remember Neptune is also in Pisces. Neptune in an opposition like this can bring niavity. Slow down and think long term.

The black moon goddess, Lilith brings a difficult energy until April 15. There may be competitive relationships with women that causes you to feel uneasy. It may be a colleague or a boss...or perhaps how you feel in an authoritive situation.

Mars squares Virgo August 20 2022- March 25, 2023.This perhaps can fire you up to push ahead....but not without a fair bit of stress. Before you take on a project, make sure it is worth all your effort. Incorrect assumptions can cause wasted energy. It is wise to check your information before you go too far.

Overall there is a lot of opportunity for Birhos the year if they move slowly and don't make assumptions.

For many Librans, you started a new venture last year as both Saturn and Jupiter were on your side in friendly air sign Aquarius. In 2022 opportunities continue. You may start receiving the benefits of your work last year.

Saturn, continuing to be in a favorable trine continues to favor your efforts implying that 2022 or 2023 the project will be complete. August 20 - March 25 2023 Mars is in Gemini . This will be a time of hard work that will pay off.

Pluto is drawing near the end of challenging you. For the last 15 years you may have been uprooted due to a relationship gone wrong.. Pluto is the planet of major transformations. Whether personal or professional, this may be due to our Covid 19 situation. With Venus, ruler of your sun, going retrograde while in alignment with Pluto, may create situations where you need help.This may be ill health. This energy is strongest from December 11, 2021 through March 3 2022.

Neptune in Pisces and Uranus in Taurus both give your sun an inconjunct. You may question whether the project you are working on will ever happen. Be patient. It just means it might take a little longer than expected.

May 10- October27 Jupiter is in your opposite sign of Aries. Jupiter in opposition can mean "too much" proposals may come your way that look too good to be true. It is wise to pay attention to the details.Some of you may need legal advice.Partnerships may be offered that you didn't even know were a possibility.

As in 2021 you have a lot to juggle in your life. This year you have new opportunities in business and romance.

Your biggest challenge is having both Uranus and Saturn squaring your sun energy. Challenges of constant changes continue from 2021 A very positive relationship with Neptune and Jupiter.This provides you with inspiration and support. Your ruling planet Pluto, the planet of transformation, also backs you up for another year. If you can organize and move with all this energy, it will be a very exciting year in business as well as romance.

Restless Uranus is in your solar 7th house of relationships. This will provide you with the possibility of meeting fascinating people who are eccentric.They will bring you ideas you never thought of before.

With the eclipses also hitting your solar first and 7th house your personal encounters may feel fated....like you've known them before.

Saturn at a difficult angle keeps you on task. The disruptions that Uranus brings will challenge you to stay steady. Keep in mind even well planned out projects will take a sudden turn....such as someone changing their role in your life. Expect the unexpected in intimate relationships.

The black moon goddess, Liluth works with you this year starting mid April.. one interpretation of this is spiritual insights through travel. It may or may not inhance your career, however you will find it very fulfilling.

Chiron, the healing planet, shows you that you need to be mindful of balancing work and self care.those of you in the field of health may find that you are breaking new ground in your field. Though there is quite possibly skeptics you need to deal with you will move forward.

The strong connection you have with Jupiter and Pluto helps you to deal with the unexpected disruptions throughout the year.

Uranus disruptions will make you see that people who you thought you knew well may suddenly oppose you. Unexpected decisions may be made that effect you adversely. It could be someone at work quits and the new person changes everything. They may have another vision of what your part is - your role in the business. Uranus also rules electronics.it is wise to check to make sure your computer is working correctly as well as electricity This may cause critical disruptions. This is especially true for those with birthdays are between November 2 -11.

With Saturn in your solar 4th house of home, there may be situations at home that pull you away from your obligations at work that can be difficult to balance. Most likely a decision needs to be made.

2022 offers challenges and big changes with home and personal relationships, however good fortune continues as you balance your life.

With both Jupiter, your home planet, and Saturn working with your sun sign, there is opportunity to complete work you've been wanting to do. There is also opportunity to open up to new ventures.You have found an ability to commit to a project you may not have been able to accomplish in the past. For some of you, there is a new understanding of the importance of commitment. While Saturn teaches you the importance of commitment, Jupiter brings you much enjoyment in your work and opportunity for new adventures.

As Neptune still challenges your sun sign as it did last year, there may be instances where people misread your intentions or worse misrepresent you. You may feel betrayed that personal information has been shared that you did not want released. It may also be that others feel betrayed by you. All of this is miscommunication that needs to be cleared.

It is shown that provocative topics will be brought up in personal relationships until April 15 as the wild energy of Liluth is in your solar 7th house. You will express yourself spontaneously and with great passion.

Passion also is strong in the fall as Mars enters your solar 7th house of relationships. It will be there from August 30 3022 - March25 2023. As Mars goes retrograde during November and December 2022 don't be surprised if your significant other pulls out of plans you were counting on. The good news is projects can move forward from there in February 2023.

Overall you are well liked and people sense you are a truth seeker with good intentions people will enjoy your willingness to take on new adventures. The solar eclipse on Dec. 4, 2021 indicates a year of changes in residency,work or intimate relationships.Actually this effect starts 3 months earlier ( Sept.) and will continue until December 3022. It is like something ended and a whole new beginning lies ahead.

The healing planet Chiron is in your solar 5th house hinting that you are going through some discomfort in connection with alive encounter. Chiron gives you the opportunity to look at the issues differently and perhaps even heal old wounds.

Health is especially strong between May and October. You may discover natural remedies for a strong body. Neptune at a square to Sagittarius suggests you might just take a pill( or a drink) to relieve any discomfort. Both possibilities are present.

The last four months of 2022 Mars is in a positive position. This can bring in much enthusiasm as well as a fun competitive nature. It could also bring in an interest in fitness. It is important at this time that you are not so energized that you become careless and fall downstairs or slip on a rug. Your basic energy will be to go fast. On the upside you will be very active...just remember to also be careful.

The Mars influence can bring in competitiveness but also a desire to move and be physically healthy.